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Author Topic: Birmingham / x~kimberly~x  (Read 1633 times)

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Offline oliver69


Seen Kimberly a few times and she never disappoints. Booked for 1 hour via text message and she sent me the address and postcode immediately.
She is working in a nice block of apartments near the NIA and was easy to find - parking pretty easy even with the Christmas traffic chaos !!

Arrived and called Kimberly who let me know the apartment number. Again, easy to find and very discreet entry and nobody else around.
Got to the door and Kimberly opened up wearing the black catsuit she has on her AW profile. All I can say is WOW !! She pounced on me the minute i got through the door and gave me some wonderful passionate DFK. My hands wandered down to squeeze her wonderful arse. She was already playfully squeezing me cock through my trousers and she led me through to the bedroom.

Offered a glass of wine which I accepted - exchanged the paperwork and we got down to business. More DFK as we fondled each other. I helped Kimberly out of her tight catsuit (took some doing !!) and I now had her naked  :yahoo:

I explored every inch of her body, started kissing her tits (lovely soft and perfect handful) and made my way down to taste her sweet pussy. She was pretty wet already and tasted fantastic. She suggested 69 so I couldn't refuse - she started nice and slow making some fantastic slurping noises - a real turn on for me ! She moaned at the right times too as I probed her pussy with my tongue - Fantastic !!!!!!!

I was worried I would shoot too soon so asked her to stop 69 and to come and straddle my face. She was happy to oblige and it was a wonderful sight as she stood up above me and lowered herself onto my eager tongue ! lol

She reached behind to squeeze my balls and keep me nice and hard. I could wait much more and asked her to finish me with bj. She knelt beside the be and i stood up. Kimberly's bj technique is simply fantastic. Lots of spitting and slurping (just the way I like it) and she proceeded to work her magic. I didn't last long as I came all over her tits - she commented what a 'naughty boy' I was ! I had to agree  :rolleyes:

She went to clean herself up and i chilled out on the bed with my glass of wine. Kimberly returned and lay down next to me. We had a good chat - always seems natural to talk to her - she is witty and extremely naughty. Talked about her plans for Christmas and the New Year.
Had a brief massage and then on to round 2. Started with more DFK and quickly went down for more oral on me. She had me hard again very quicky (quite a feat at my age !) and demanded that I fuck her now. Ok I said !

On with the hat and I slid up behind her and slowly started to fuck her doggy style. Again Kimberly makes fantastic noises which really turn you on - She really sounds like she has as much fun as me ! Reaching forward I cup both her breasts and she tells me to squeeze them hard. She tells me to fuck her harder and I oblige thrusting deep inside her. I pound for several minutes and can feel I'm about to cum. I ask her to lie on her back and I fuck her missionary for the final few thrusts before I explode again. I get more DFK as I'm cumming - what a wonderful feeling !

KImberly cleans up again and I chill for the remaining 10 mins chatting again and finishing my wine. Have a quick shower, dress and leave. More DFK at the door as I wish Kimberly a Happy Christmas. I will certainly be seeing this girl again in the New Year.

A fantastic experience and a recommended girl !

7 review(s) found for x~kimberly~x linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline bbois77

As I was passing through Brum and on the strength of Olivers review, I thought I'd give her a bell.

Good comms, although intercom system to gain entry was a bit dodgy. Nice apartment, use of shower. Kimberley is a very engaging girl, very curvy and sexy. Did all I asked included in price, nice chat after.


Offline Ashtaros

Nice review there, I've been meaning to see Kimberly last year, but things got in the way. She's definitely on my HL so i'll see her sometime next week and maybe i'll write a review.

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