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Author Topic: xxMarica18xx - Epworth, South east Yorkshire  (Read 1254 times)

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Offline Tallboy2

https://www.adultwork.com/3060239 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxMarica18xx

30 minutes booking - £60

In Doncaster 4 weeks ago looking for my first ever Punt! why Doncaster? I don't know.

Messaged a few and Marica was the only one that got back to me saying she could meet me in an hour. I agreed she sent me her number and post code.

Well I drove up and down this long county lane looking for a large farmhouse she described but couldn't find it, I text her to explain as was now 10 mins late. reply was delayed and I was about to set off home when she replied saying she would send a friend out onto the street to help.

Finding the place a young man got in the car with me and told me where to drive - He was not English - I would never have found the place.

Parking was on private land and seemed nice and secure ( not like I felt)

I was invited in to the dingy dimly lit detatched house by the young man and he called Marica, she was dressed in a sexy gown and high heeled shoes. Small and petite - accurate Photos :thumbsup:

I was shown up to a tidy but dimly lit bedroom, Marica immediately stripped off all her clothes, I handed over the cash, and removed my clothes. The room was cold and I was very nervous as it was my first punt ever ,
I asked if I could kiss her, she said yes but each time I did she turned her head away after a second of kissing - oh and it was closed mouth. ( I am quite particular about my oral hygiene, so no issue there)
I asked if I could touch her and she agreed, Her breasts were a bit too soft and looked like the breasrts of an older woman. nice looking but not very firm. I fingered her pussy for a bit but she seemed to be pulling a few faces so I stopped. I was cold.
She was touching my old man all the time but due to her attitude, my nerves and being cold, the old fella failed to fill with the red stiffening juice. A bit of oral on her(I thought) might get the old boy to wake up, so down I go to a delightfully tight pussy. but with her not putting any effort in whatsoever, it didn't have the required outcome. I asked her to lay on top or next to me which she was reluctant to do. I decided enough was enough as I was feeling uncomfortable being with her now.
I left after 20 minutes after she explained she had had a heavy night before drinking and I should return another day when she would be more up for it

1. Fit as fuck body - accurate pictures
2. pretty face
3. tight sweet pussy
4. friendly
5. easy secure parking - if you can find the dam place
6. good comms

1. Put little effort in
2. Not English - Bulgarian I think she said
3. room too cold
4. Not interested in sex at all
5. Kissing was terrible
6. No full body contact to warm me up

Sorry Marica if you read this but I am only writing it as it was for me and I hope this review can help you change a few things to make it a better experience for your clients

Would I visit again?
Most certainly not - In fact the experience of this and my second punt (Horny Laura) nearly put me off ever trying again.
My  third punt changed all that........

1 review(s) found for xxMarica18xx linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Tallboy2

Anyone else tried this one yet?

Offline Robert smith

Tried to get hold of her this week-no communication back so gave it a miss-lucky escape by the sound of it !!
Banning reason: Prossie posing as punter

Offline Tallboy2

Tried to get hold of her this week-no communication back so gave it a miss-lucky escape by the sound of it !!
It was my first ever punt so I was nervous as fuck, so for some of you more experienced punters it may go much better. Her pics are accurate her body is fit and she looks no older that 20

Offline Tricks

Thanks Tallboy

She is in Leeds now and you just saved me £100

Fuck me,  the notion of a strange bloke getting into my car to show me the way would scare the shit out of me Haha. Walkable,  city centre always for me!

Offline nestor

If you read the details in this thread about an earlier visit to Blackpool, https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=101933.0
along with the fake reviews on AW, the bloke in the car, and her attitude, then I'd say there's a very good chance she's been forced to work by a boyfriend/pimp/gang. Even if I'm wrong, there's something fishy going on
The profile is deceptive - it says she's still in Epworth, though area is given as Leeds, not Doncaster
Have you still got the contact details? There's no phone number on her profile.
Banning reason: Previously banned (rayday)

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