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Author Topic: Kim kortez  (Read 387 times)

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Offline Paulpunting

 https://www.adultwork.com/2635133 or https://www.adultwork.com/KIM+KORTEZ

This is bordering between neutral and negative but it's negative as you shouldn't b&s.
Rang, booked, shitty terraced house. Had asked if there were shower facilities and there were not in the end. No extras yet 10 for owo. Wasn't Kim, it was penny. Had fucked penny a few years ago so went ahead with it. When she got her clothes off though she had lost loads of weight, size 4 to 6 with no tits, not my thing. Basically I got shortest owo ever then on with condom, her on top and she was not that good so I turned her over doggy and just emptied my load, got dressed and left. Negative as it's b&s but at least penny is good looking, just too thin for me, place is a shit hole. For that money in Lincolnshire it should all be top draw I'm afraid. She tours about hence review in East Midlands. May be worth putting in Essex and.London admin as she works there too.

1 review(s) found for KIM KORTEZ linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Iloveoral

Sorry to hear matey, shame really as her pics look hot, I hate b&s bitches!!

Offline Paulpunting

Thanks, the good thing though is this forum. You do a good job you get good feedback, you do some b&s bollocks or provide a rubbish service you get a negative review. It's not rocket science so why do they persist in try to pull this shit? Surely as a wg you want a good core of repeated business and some new business generated by good reviews. Marketing speech over, take note ladies!

Offline James999

The profile reads more like an ad for a parlour / brothel, the way it talks about the different girls available, and just two shit pics  :thumbsdown:

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