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Author Topic: Sweet As Candii Leeds  (Read 2009 times)

33 review(s) for Sweet.Candice (33 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Topkat


£150 for 1 hr
Age Advertises 28 but could pass for younger.
Looks Very attractive facially 8/10, banging hot 10/10 body, trim waist, flat tummy, great legs, gorgeous bum and a tight pussy.  Looked amazing in her skimpy Santa outfit and thigh length fuck me boots.
Services DFK, OWO, CIM, T bagging, Fingering, RO, Rimming, Excellent any position you want shagging.

Nice place a few minutes walk from city centre, modern, clean and comfortable with good shower facilities.

What a girl, I was barely in the door, she stuck her tongue down my throat, just about ripped my shirt off while I got my hands on those magnificent enhanced boobs and a couple of fingers up her pussy, that was the theme for the hour that followed.

Cant quite remember if I munched her out or she noshed me off first but what ever way it was we both came, me in Candii’s willing mouth and her with stomach convulsing.

After a quick clean up she was all over me again, OWO to get me up and running before cowgirl, doggie her favourite, then hard furious mish, with a digit up her arse, for pop no 2 for me.

I was fucked by this time but Candii was still wanting more. Asked me for RO till she came again, then she tossed me off for CIM. 3 pops in an hour, unheard of for me, actually it was 1hr 15min as Candii is no clock watcher and give me 100% customer satisfaction.

If you do go see her make sure you take your A game, otherwise she will fuck you to death.

I was working in Leeds for 4 days and intended seeing a couple of girls but only had free time to see one, glad I chose Candii, very highly recommended.

33 review(s) found for Sweet.Candice linked to in above post (33 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline johnboy007

981 feedback.

Christ, I'm guessing she was extremely loose?
Banning reason: Abusive + Leaver

Offline Topkat

981 feedback.

Christ, I'm guessing she was extremely loose?

The opposite, quite a tight pussy has Candii. I discovered that on arrival when fingering her.
Her oral skills are outstanding too, ball sucking, shaft licking, just the right amount of spit, lots of eye contact, happy to take it CIM.

Offline stevedave

981 feedback.

Christ, I'm guessing she was extremely loose?

I asked the same question a while ago (I  had always assumed more feedback = loose) only to be told the same as Topkat has said, she is pretty tight by all accounts. Must do her pelvic floor excercises!

Safe to say I don't make that assumption now  :D

Offline bod666

Guys - it's the same hole a baby comes out! Our cocks are nothing compared to one of them.

Offline webpunter

If you do go see her make sure you take your A game, otherwise she will fuck you to death.
Fuck me sideways.  Occasionally get to south yorkshire.  Deffo gonna try & see her.  After going to the gym in preparation  :lol:

Offline geeza132

errrrm, wow, she's a total babe! Great kisser, great ride and you could be forgiven for thinking she's just a bimbo, but oh no, she's smart as hell too! Just makes her ever more sexy!

I normally go for cim as one of the 2 pops in the hour, but her body was such that I wanted to bang her hard twice and she loves it! Good oral too though. Probably the best looking girl I've ever punted or very close, and that's approaching 100.   :D

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