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Author Topic: MilfHoneyBee and SexyJade301 - my first threesome - Torquay, Devon  (Read 2907 times)

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So, my first ever threesome, which was with these two ladies.

MilfHoneyBee - https://www.adultwork.com/3168058 or https://www.adultwork.com/milfhoneybee
SexyJade301 - https://www.adultwork.com/2734274 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexyjade301

Time : 8pm
Location : HoneyBee's house, in the center of Torquay
Booking : 1 hour
Price : £250

Overall : Amazing.

The Venue

I got there in plenty of time and it was easy to find parking. I don't know Torquay too well, but satnav got me right there. I texted Honey and said I was ready when she was. She texted me the number and directions and off I went.

The house is discreet, very nicely decorated and the bedroom is lovely. The bathroom was pristine and the shower was very good.

The Girls

I was stunned! Both Honey and Jade are drop dead gorgeous...so much better than I was expecting. Both are very slim, tanned, fake boobs (which I'm not normally a fan off, but both girls have really nice tits), stunning arses and legs that won't quit. I know I was in for a good evening.

To start with, we just sat and chatted, which I was fine with, I was a little nervous, so it was nice to have a drink and just chat. Both the girls are very well spoken, the chat was all 'old friends catching up', put me right at ease. We chatted about all sorts, they really are lovely.

After a short while, Honey starts to head for my trousers. I ask if I can freshen up a little (I had showered at home, but it was about an hour in the car), so I headed to the bath room for a quick shower and dry off.

I come back for with a towel around me, Jade excuses herself for a moment, so I'm left with Honey.

The Service

Honey is gorgeous! She pulls me in and gives me a proper DFK, wet and passionate. I'm getting rock hard. I feel her body and gently start playing with her arse hole, she then starts to 'purr' at me. I towel drops and she starts to play with my little fella. Then Jade comes back into the room, she grabs me, more DFK, as Honey gets to her knees and starts to give me OWO. Being my first ever duo, this was amazing! I love kissing, but having a pair of lips on my mouth and a pair on my cock...just wow!

Forgive me if the details get blurred a little, I'll do my best to remember.  :wacko:

Then, the double BJ. It was a combination of Jade on my cock, while Honey is sucking my balls and giving me a cheeky wink, or, the other way around. Whatever it was, it was great, two stunning girls eager to get my cock in their mouths.

Then, I had to return the favor. Again, getting fuzzy, but I think I started to eat out Honey, while she made out with Jade. I then was fingering Honey, while eating out Jade. And I think I was fingering both of them, while they were kissing each other. We all seemed to swap around, giving each other oral, one way or the other, or be kissing.

I think I was rimming Jade while fingering her, when she says 'I need to you fuck me'. Well, go on then! On with a jonny and Jade starts riding me like a motorcross champ, while I'm rimming Honey. Cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl from Jade.

Fuzzy memory of the details. 

Until I'm stood up, both girls are on their knees, I'm having Jade wank me off into Honey's mouth. I CIM, good and proper. Then Honey shows me what she's taken, while Jade finishes the last few drops. Honey downs the lot and Jade is still sucking! Fuck me...that's an image I won't be getting out of my head for a while!

I was hoping for a second pop, but I don't think it was on the cards, so we sit and chat. I was over the hour, they are no clock watchers at all. And it was only then I realized, I didn't get to have sex with Honey, but...I didn't mind, that's for next time. I'll just have to remember the fingering and anal play on her instead.  :)

Stunning looking girls
Both very eager to please
Just an amazing service

I had hoped for a second pop, but I doubt I could have
Didn't get to give Honey anal - next time though

Would I go back? Hell yes!
Would I recommend? Hell yes!

The girls told me they plan to do more work together (they've only just started) and hopefully move around the South West a bit. I think they are worth seeing!

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Sound like a great expereince for you, glad you had a good time.

Offline markc65

Great review and glad you had a good time PG

Those two together certainly look a good pairing

I wonder if it was you who made it into Jade's blog http://blogs.adultwork.com/2734274

Offline theblade

Milf Honey Bee says she coming to London soon  :) that'll be great. No wanking for a week then i want to fuck her Arse and shoot a full load in her mouth and watch her swallow it :yahoo:.
Then repeat it again, so hard to find a genuine spunk swallower. Can't wait  :drinks:

Offline Aramis

Great review
They look like a lot of fun :D :drinks:

Offline Lz-129

Great review pg, reminds me of my one and only 3some, it's all a blur and quite fuzzy but fucking fantastic at the same time

Offline Urban_G

Thanks for the review. They're not really my type but I could be tempted if either (or both) are in my hunting ground.

Offline Belisknor

Nice review mate have yet to see Jade but have seen MHB three times now :) she's awesome and at the top of my escort list as she's something very special :)
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Offline Sexyjade301

  • Service Provider
  • Posts: 2
Had a great time and hope to see you all very soon  :kiss: xx

Offline badsin

I'll be heading down to Torquay over the festive period, which one of these two should I bang? :hi:

Offline JimmySW

I'll be heading down to Torquay over the festive period, which one of these two should I bang? :hi:

Clearly Both!

Sounds great! I wonder if they ever come to Bristol? Or if we can persuade them?  :drinks:

Offline unclesweetheart

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