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Author Topic: Yummy - Bearwood Chinese  (Read 1534 times)

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Offline Oooops

Having had a disappointing sortie to Beauty Parlor in Harborne (good straight massage but w/o any sensual for £25 / hour special December offer and according to Gumtree search was Chinese  :dash:) I still had the need to empty so headed to the Chinese at Bearwood.


For those who've not had the pleasure it looks like a dingy takeaway with two rooms that seriously need a makeover and for once I found the front door open. As I hadn't booked it was pot luck and being a few months since I last crossed the doorstep I can't complain about Yummy. There was another girl there but I had a good service, I think I got the better one.

Yummy, 20-30, pretty but too much makeup and likes her food. To put it nicely she has a good layer of puppy fat, small breasts, and shaven.

Usual £40 entry, dismal music unlike on previous visits so I opted for just a massage and then to go for HE but I had a surprisingly good massage which got the old soldier going, that along with 'hand up the skirt' which made her giggle. Just can't help that.  So negotiated the usual £40 for B2B with HE and ended up with the best B2B for a long while hence my review.

Yummy put 100% effort into it and every part of my back got tum and breasts from head to toe from both sides before she climbed aboard to grind  her quim into me from feet upwards, rubbing her breasts all over at the same time.
By this time I was wishing some bright person would bring out a massage table with a hole halfway up and on turning over got the same B2B, a titfuck and grinding until we face to face and she started wanking me with her feet. A most pleasant first and she'd stop occasionally to grind her pelvis up and down my stomach so I could suck her nipples (though nearly had front and rear entry which I didn't want).
As I wanted to finish by hand she turned about and I had a nice RO only spoiled by her pressing down and grinding but I did get OWO for a few strokes before she sat up and I unloaded.  Yet no kissing  :rolleyes:

Nice girl, a bit too chubby but great effort and I just  wish I'd asked for B2B on entry.
The place is a dump, even just a lick of paint would brighten it up.
Parking, it's all resident permits or 1hr lines except for one place I found with 2hrs.
After I'd been cleaned up Yummy was clockwatching and the massage became a light tickle unlike at other times where it's carried on. I can't moan too much on that though, it had been a good punt and like a prat I'd forgot to check my watch.

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