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Author Topic: Brum, Dudley and surrounding recommendations please  (Read 1078 times)

Offline Wookey

I'll be up in a hotel room next Thursday 17th in Dudley. Looking for a relatively cheap lady to give me a nude massage, preferably with her nude too! Just after a Hj or bj ideally but not imperative.

Also how many guys would wanna chip in for a girl or two in my hotel room and share them? I'm happy to watch and chip in my bit for a bj:-)
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Offline Stapler

Unfortunately not many, if any FBSM providers in Dudley.
Birmingham is your best bet.
Extensive thread on here.

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Offline Wookey

Ok thanks I'll check out the thread

Why don't you just not log on and forget about this forum insead of asking for your profile to be deleted. It's not as if you contributed much to this site apart from these two posts  :unknown:

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