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Went to a massage which was advertised on gumtree. 07481508030
titled:*RELAXING FULL BODY MASSAGE* Emma NOW ITS * Five Star Full Body Relaxing Massage with Emma*External Link/Members Only
NOWExternal Link/Members Only

Called but no answer, rang again after 2 hours and "she" cut the call and text back 'text only'. Texted and agreed £50/hr.
after I parked the car in on a residential street, I texted to get full directions. "1st floor of CVC ESTATES" Went up the stairs each room is numbered, she was stood outside and said welcome and shook my hand. 
When I entered the room she changed to £70/hr or £40 /30 mins. Being Naïve I said OK (I was already there!).
Told me to get undressed and moved the curtains (was putting money in wallet?).

She was a Petite European! Allowed to stroke whilst being massaged, rubbed top half against me most of the time (still clothed).
(Emma was small chested though)

Sensual massage given, OK. I did feel she was rushing and wasn't making good conversation (Maybe I was very quiet).
She did say 'sorry times up' after about 25mins
On the way out she did say next time ask me for a sensual massage, so more is on offer.

This is the place where i went:
External Link/Members Only (rates advertised on here are different(?)

during the massage she said an Indian/Pakistani male organises her work (is it the bloke downstairs!)?.

I'd like to go again as she was petite and would like to see what more is on offer.

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Sounds like a right rip off joint. You could have had a shag for that sort of money elsewhere. This dive needs closing down. It looks squalid from outside.

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I went here quite a few months ago and as far as I car remember it was 60 or 70 for the hour including body to body and hand relief. Worth the money was quite sensual too, naked
Since then there are quite a few more girls working there.


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can you remember who you saw?
did you negotiate the price before on the phone or when you went in?
was she fully naked or just topless?
another thing putting me off is when I guy answers, hate to think she been trafficked... :scare:

Offline WillE

pretty sure it was emma.
since then iv seen loads of new ads with new names.
no negotiation, straight up price and she was fully naked.

not been back as it is quite far for me but wont be going again after seeing your reply.