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Author Topic: Danni  (Read 843 times)

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Offline daveev


Well i am putting positive cos i had a great time with a very sexy girl, the down side and maybe cos i was only her second client
she never did oral on me.

She came in very attractive size 6 girl in her late 20s, a chatter box from the start maybe nerves i'm not sure. so then on to some kissing and she's good at this say's makes it for her to.
I'd asked the agency to tell her to bring short skirt heels and hold ups, never told her but she said she had lacy undies on that soon
came off :) so i had to go down on her tiny lil tight cunt, was lush to suck on and she kept saying don't stop wanting to cum real bad, but i like to tease so off and on it was, then let her cum and she's asking put the condom on so legs back and fucked on the sofa real hard, sort of thought she had been told make em cum quick and then you might get out, so no chance with me, as she said did you cum, nope haha.

She is pretty loud when she cums so be warned.
In to the bed room for more snogs touching, she wanted to cum again and was great just fingering her and touching her clit, so thought out with the big guns the wand, she'd not seen one before so she said but did that bugger make her scream when she came again, then she got on top, got her lush tits out, size 6 body they sit perfect, reminds me of justine highlander, nipples get really stiff when she's aroused, riding me and them out is a  nice sight.

This is when i asked do you do cim she said i don't suck, really sad look on her face and saying it's only my second client, well there was nothing i could do and did put a little dampener on a good meet for me, so into the living room as time was about up, some more snogs and tried to wank me off but i need that special touch so a no cum meet this time, dose not bother me as the tease is for me, but still would have liked to have cum.

Would i see again yes cos she's easy going sexy as fuck and very responsive and think she will realise she'll lose clients if she dose not suck.
Think she is more teeside than sunderland

Offline Highlander

Thanks for the review daveev. Sounds like a fun meet. Haha, I've got a wand too, a doxy massager. Those things make girls cum like crazy  :wackogirl:

No oral is unusual and out call only so doubt I'll get to see her. Tits like Justine though...got me tempted.

Offline daveev

Ha i knew the tits bit would tempt you, she was £140 for the hour as wasa out call forgot to put that, no oral but still thinking about seeing her again tonight, not sure yet, such a sexy tiny body

Offline greychap

No oral is unusual for a wg now days so she not even doing it with a condom then? but of course totally up to her, her mouth and all that.

But I wonder wether this will change as time goes on as so many want it and without a condom so interesting to see wether she adapts to it, sticks to her guns or maybe don't get enough work so quits.
Banning reason: North East shit stirrer who contributes nothing

Offline daveev

She seems very new and said only her second client and to give her time, if she dose get the oral sorted she will be here a lot, her tits alone just worth playing with.

Offline Dash38

Send me a link so we can hook up sometime or email address please

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