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Author Topic: Hot Emilly - Basingstoke (What a find!!!)  (Read 2703 times)

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Offline Danj89


So was going to go for a booking tomorrow but saw Emily's profile and my punting sense told me to go for it and TOFFT. Now I normally like the big ass and tits type of girl so not my normal type but this turned out to be an unforgettable meet.

Emily is physically attractive I would say late 20's hot size 8 blonde with a nice firm body and decently proportionate tits. Shaved clean pussy and was well presented for our meet.

So as usual I text asking about owo and fk and it was offered. So showered, cash out and at the flat neat the station ready for a meet. Greeted by Emily in black fishnets, black panties and one of those black corset type tops. She looked very good and greated me with a massive smile on her face.

Now the only slight thing which may put some people off is that her English is not that great but I thought it was kind of cute. Gave 70quid for 30mins and had the remainder for the hour if I wanted to extend (don't think she understood that bit).

Anyways started off with kissing and a light massage, now I would not call it proper French kissing but more lips and a lot of tongue flicking if that makes sense, just not proper open mouthed. Didn't bother me that much. She tries to make conversation and she seems really happy and enthusiastic when kissing. Now my normal choice would be a GFE but this girl is naturally frisky and turned it into a PSE very quickly, it was a surreal meet. So not at the semi stage yet and she puts the johnny on pack on the bed, im thinking shit is she going to do OW but no dives straight in for some OWO, and a very good technique good mix of head, shaft ball licking and a lot of spit. Again no hesitation and very decent Bj and top marks for enthusiasm again.

So im hard and want to see her naked so she strips down and I have a go on those tits which are lush. Her skin is also soft and smooth and is great to stroke. Anyways went for 69 and she clearly enjoyed it, nice clean shaven pussy and she responded well. Then asked for the johnny and started out with her on top. Amazing sight and she rode me well (decent tightness in that department as well), then went into mish to finish. It was a good session and went very quickly. So now we are like 15 mins in and im thinking in my head to finish off with a 5min massage and make a move. We are chilling on the bed and literally a minute after I come she goes for the shaft again. Im thinking wtf usually I only go 2 pops in an hour and need like a 10min recovery in between. This chick is trying to revive mr floppy a minute after he's come and go for 2pops n 30mins. Oh well went with it and a few mins later she gets me semi hard.

Then she asks me in her polish accent "you like anal" im like yeh (bear in mind I didnt ask for it and she asked me if i wanted it) so got a bit harder and get the johnny on for anal, gave it a go and she was nice and tight but too tight and it might have been better doing anal for round one, its no big deal for me and I was happy to try it. Off with the johnny for more head and had me hard again. Got the johnny back on and went at it in a few positions, at this point didn't think I was going to come from sex and 30mins was up so off with the johnny and im jacking myself off with her tits in my mouth and lots on tongue flicking. Then she tickles my balls to help me along and I finally come. Wow OK so it wasn't twice in 30mins but twice in 35mins (first for me), at no point did she look  at the clock or rush me along.

Now this was a top meet for a few reasons.
1. Her enthusiasm for a shag is off the scale not sure if she was acting or naturally frisky but damn she wanted dick.
2. She was smiling throughout and very eager to please
3. Proper VFM at 70quid for 30mins at this level of service and cumming twice is worth it.
4. Not a clock water and a very good body.

Now the things that may put people off is literally her English is not that great so sometimes hard to communicate what your are trying to get a across but a gestures will do the trick. Also the headboard sometimes was banging against the wall.

Apart from that a top meet and one I will not forget, I think she is only here for a few days so would definitely recommend seeing her before she goes.

2 review(s) found for Hot Emilly linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Online Cunning Punt

Great review, nice find.  :hi:

If anal included, then hopefully CIM would be as well and that would be reasonable at £100ph.

Offline Danj89

Im sure it would be, just cant guarantee it as I never have CIM. The only gripe was communication but she was naturally frisky I just let her get on with this and I got everything in my booking, went 5 mins over with no rush to leave for £70 at 30mins makes it a very good vfm punt.

Offline GBush

Great review and I'm often driving that way.

You didn't clarify about anal. Do you think she just puts it on there or do you think she genuinely offers this service?
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Offline Danj89

Well it's not something I go for normally but she asked me if I wanted to do it for round 2, thought to myself why not?

So she definitely offers it as I had a go.just wasn't the right time for me to do it as I wasn't fully hard so had to go back to owo after a minute of anal as it was just too tight and I wasn't fully hard.
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Offline GBush

She sounds like my kind of girl  :D
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Offline Stiltskin

She sounds great. I've had a lot of good punts with Polish girls, they're the antithesis of a Romanian girl.

Do you know how long she's in Basingstoke for?

Offline Danj89

She said a few days when I messaged her yesterday so can't be exactly sure.

Offline MrMatrix

Nice revue Dani. A much better experience than the one I've just had and at 1/2rd the price. No guys I've not done a revue yet on mine as I'm still feeling pissed off. Will do it next week.
Your girl is on my HL, thanks for letting us all know.

Offline Huawei

Her profile says Basingstoke Farnborough, which is a bit odd as they're about 20 miles apart. So I called her today to see if she was alternating between them (Basingstoke is doable for me, but a bit far - Farnborough is much easier). She said no, she's in Basingstoke, and does not plan to go to Farnborough  :dash:. Perhaps Alexei needs to remove Farnborough from the profile then. She did say that she has a friend called Monica in Farnborough, so I asked her to text me the details. Nothing forthcoming of course, so I found them myself: https://www.adultwork.com/2660184 or https://www.adultwork.com/Busty%5F%40Monica who seems to have average feedback on here. Oh well...

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Offline Danj89

Seen Monica before but didn't know they were friends. Monica works with busty Melissa, both are amazing vfm Gfe's.

Offline bingo

my first ever punt and felt so disappointed.. visited Emilly today in a hotel in swindon and i'm so 100% sure that she ain't the one in the profile pic..  :thumbsdown: she was okay but defo not my type.. utter waste of money..  :dash: left well before the 30 mins..

Online Cunning Punt

my first ever punt and felt so disappointed.. visited Emilly today in a hotel in swindon and i'm so 100% sure that she ain't the one in the profile pic..  :thumbsdown: she was okay but defo not my type.. utter waste of money..  :dash: left well before the 30 mins..

Thanks for updating the thread. I was considering going to see her and could just as easily get to Swindon as Basingstoke.

It would be helpful if you could do a standalone review of her - on the South West board if she's in Swindon.  :hi:

If you don't think it was the same girl and it was a bait and switch, then please mention that.


Offline Danj89

Damn Bingo didn't realise it was a B&S operation. I had a feeling she was working in a group possibly made up of the below (any of them look like the one you saw?) but didn't know they baited and switched. I guess I just got lucky.
Did your one understand English? I had to mostly use hand gestures to get the message across a few times. Did you get the same services that I received?

https://www.adultwork.com/3253473 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty%5FKatee
https://www.adultwork.com/2541613 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Grace+xx
https://www.adultwork.com/3210688 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hot+Emilly

1 review(s) found for Monicaa linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)
2 review(s) found for Hot Emilly linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Danj89

Just saw a random profile on my hl looks like the person running these profile is using the same id's for different girls the girl showing on the profile now is NOT the girl I saw.

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