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Hello All,
I am in Manchester on the 8th January and would like to organise a meet. I have seen the website External Link/Members Only and External Link/Members Only  . Has anyone used these agencies and can they recommend a lady in particular. I like leggy / busty escorts. But if you have a recommendation please let me know.
have an excellent Xmas


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I can't help you much anders but I've just had Manchester elite recommended to me as very good


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elite is very good, although they don't like to discuss services, so do your research

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I would  recommend Angel Companions First, then Manchester Elite second. nNever been really tempted with Bond Girls.
Angel Companions first class.

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My experience with Kim from Bond Girls was sufficiently positive that I'd use them again. It's just a pity that face pics now seem to be unavailable for all girls, but that problem applies to Elite and AC as well.


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thanks you very much. I'll look into Angels and Elite. The girls look fantastic. I'll send a report in afterwards
Regards Anders