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Well I TOFTT here.  :angelgirl: Ana has little/no feedback on here and when faced with an evening of real horniness and lack of response from Adelina I thought, the very least I can do a report as to whether she is any good or not finally!   :lol:

So, comms was pretty good via text, had to repeat a couple of questions but ascertained for certain CIM is NO. Anal is iffy (so unexpected from me then). OWO if clean only, I said I would shower there to be sure, she said okay. Postcode given. Almost ran into another punter seeing her flat mate. I guessed where he was heading ( I stand out as much as that punter I thought!), then waited for 5 mins then made the call to be directed up.

Nice warm flat, perfect punting venue tbf. We said our hellos, exchanged paperwork and she stated she was a little quiet all week after I made a comment about xmas shopping. I think I know some factors. Anyway, at this point I said I'd like to that that shower. But she said I didn't have to, that she says that to make sure she weeds out those who aren't clean....I think we all know, that wouldn't, that would just assume she isn't going to offer OWO. Factor 1.

But I didn't have a shower before I left and though probably not too bad, I do always prefer to be fresh! So getting ushered on the bed I felt a bit subconscious. Maybe if I insisted??? Dunno.

Oh, looks wise, I forgot to say. Exactly like the NEW photos, they are 100% none touched up, ignore the old ones. Make up yes, but not airbrushed. She has a nice curved figure, not thin by any means but it works. Nice enough boobs (tad droopy but fine), completely natural, rather nice curvy hips too.

I said I was knackered and just wanted OWO with a hand finish, but no she said...We'll get you going...(why can't I just have what I want...sigh  :thumbsdown:)


 - OWO. Average. Nice tongue flicking and eye contact but no real deep action. Not the worst though. She did have a really bloody weird habit of using the same folded wet wipe on it even when she was licking it, presumably to completely avoid pre cum....I was a bit put off by this.
 - Absolutely no kissing or hint it was on offer
 - On with the Condom, Cowgirl, not bad.
 - Missionary, one of my favs and it was quite good to see those boobs swinging. Nice hips to grip. But here is a thing. She would reach back and stroke my balls very nicely, but then very sneakily, she would move her hand and hold the condom in a way to make her feel tighter. It does work tbf and you could hardly tell, it took me a while to realise why she wasn't stroking my balls anymore.

Anyway, almost got there but I was knackered, so I went on my back and said I'd like to finish by hand. At this point all she needed to do was lie next to me and stroke me off. 
But all she did was make various poses, eye contact, rubbing of her pussy/tits etc but no intimacy that I like then getting hand relief. She was close in some stances (leg over me kneeling upright, pussy nearish my face), but I just think it is a bit weird.

Basically she didn't want to be anywhere near it when I came. This was a huge pity because at that point I was almost there after doggy, instead it protracted too long and at one point I worried about going overtime, as she thought it too. She gave me a 3 min warning and at this point I had no idea if near time (but I don't think I was at all).

Anyway, I finally got there.

Changed, no offer of shower and I left.

To summise, she is chatty and friendly, no qualms there but for £60:-

Nice enough looking
Average OWO with a wet wipe in her hand
Completely average shag
No intimacy offered at all to get you off

£60 not totally wasted, but better spent elsewhere and will not return. Hence, I can't see her being any busier locally!!

I see Cute Lisa is back nearer me in Epsom. I am kicking myself as I would have had a wank tonight and gone to see her for an hour tomorrow instead!  :dash:


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Thanks for the review.
Not so much GFE as TRE.


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Thx to the OP.  Dodged a bullet there.  Was planning to get in touch in next few days.  She's been moving around Surrey.  HL is -1.  TFFT !