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Author Topic: Anyone seen BigTitsSummerUK ?  (Read 547 times)

Offline JBD

Hello guys

Anyone had the pleasure of BigTitsSummerUK in Chigwell


She's only been a member of AW since October this year, but has 34 feedbacks. Some appear a bit suspect as the same guy has fed back 17 times, three in one day.

She looks quite fit for her age and she is on the expensive side.


Offline Anadin

She has no escorting feedback so assume she's not really available for that or has just started offering it.

Offline JBD

 :thumbsup: thanks Anadin. The AW feedback looks so dodgy. It makes me wonder what is going on? Could it be a private gallery scam, but it's only £1.20 ?

Offline Anadin

It's not really dodgy feedback it's just earned from directcam not escorting, she may actually be starting out escorting but it's more likely she's just another one of those annoying webcammers who've ticked that box to get more page views.

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