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Author Topic: Beatrice93, Kensington  (Read 391 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3141676 1 hour incall £140

Location: a serviced apartment near South Kensington tube.

Beatrice's profile is extensive and somewhat OTT. I'm in two minds as to whether this should be borderline positive or borderline negative.

On the plus side, she is just as she appears, a very pretty girl, slim, well-proportioned, although much slighter than she looks in her photos, and genuinely 21 going on 22. If you like your women more robust, she's probably not for you. She does try to please, and provided FK, OWO, Deep(ish) Throat as advertised, with enthusiastic sex in all positions asked for. Good eye contact throughout.

The apartment is easy to find and quite safe, if a rather dispiriting block.

On the minus side, she accompanies it all with porn-movie moans, which I find quite off-putting, and clearly isn't (well, wasn't in my case - I admit I'm not the first choice of any young girl  ;) ) really into it herself, so the enthusiasm was acted and it showed. She also wears a watch, and gave me a ten-minute "warning" - fair enough, in a way, but not very subtle.

More negative is the fact that her apartment only has a toilet and washbasin, no shower, so I couldn't shower before/after and nor, I presume, could she. I got the impression she doesn't leave much time between punters, so have some doubts about how she washes between meets. Her friend Dahlia19 https://www.adultwork.com/2287586 has an apartment across the hall, with a bathroom, which she can use when it's not occupied. When I was there, Dahlia was busy, so that was not an option, and I'm not sure I'd want to be flitting from one apartment to the other.

Her bed is an odd size/shape; too short, so hard to keep my feet on for traction, and the mattress is knackered.

As jimmycallum noted in his review, a couple of times she tried to straddle me and rub her pussy on my unprotected cock, which I was not having, but not something she should be doing.

In summary, if you want a petite, pretty young girl with a cracking figure, she fits the bill. She offers a genuine service, if not as skilled as she makes out in her profile. Somewhat let down by the lack of shower facilities and what appears to be a conveyor-belt business model. The highish price is kind of justified by her youth and looks, but there are others I'd try before going back.

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