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Author Topic: Any enforcement by the authorities?  (Read 1963 times)

Scottish punter here.
I believe our hobby has been criminalised by the great and the good in your neck of the woods.
Has it changed the way you punt? Have the cops been active in pursuing you bad men?

Just one arrest, occurred when brothel was raided, but connected to human trafficking, thus working girl appears to have been forced into prostitution, and was willing to give evidence against the punter.

So it hasn't really changed that much, other than avoid trafficked girls, which every decent person should be doing, stick to independent girls.

I have never been to Northern Ireland and I am considering a visit in connection with my work, later in the year.

Is it safe to do a reverse booking?
Is it safe to do an outcall to a city centre hotel?
As a visitor is it safe to take a cab to an indie?

There are very few contributions to this section compared with other UK regional discussions.
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I put up a message asking for advice in May. Not one single response.

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