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Author Topic: Jamie Welsh Whore  (Read 857 times)

Not me filming - but I have been there a few times  :P

Offline newforthisyear

Another vid here!

She signed up on xhamster and ended up having a slanging match about her videos being on there.. Quite entertaining when all she had to do was file a DMCA

Banning reason: Touting banned site by PM

Have always hoped to find vids of the Romanian girls but never had any luck, would even pay on adultwork if they put some up!

Offline newforthisyear

Yeah lol..

I imagine all the videos of girls who allow filming are hidden away in private wank banks. There's only a select few that end up going public..

Elite1elle, jamie had punting vids that got shared
few girls tried their go at amateur porn, faketaxi and jhnny rockard

Banning reason: Touting banned site by PM


Is she still working as am in Cardiff a lot.

Online Redevil86

Does / did she work out of Cardiff ? I don't recognise her at all !

Offline odynsfee

Before your time Red, she used to be called Karen Therese Ford before she went AWOL, very expensive at the time if my memory serves me but she did have quite a following.

Online Redevil86

Ah, cool, thought she did't ring any bells, hence no one put a link up I guess, cheers.

Her titties are lobsided... fooking cricked my neck mun

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