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Offline BrandsHill


I generally can only see ladies early Saturday mornings which can restrict options. I normally use an agency that has been very accommodating and a couple of independent ladies. So on the whole I have a good range of ladies that suit my tastes on Saturday mornings. My circumstances were different to normal yesterday and I'd known I'd be available to see someone on  Sunday. I'd seen Katy's profile on Allure (who I'd never used before), she clearly is stunning,  and read a couple of reviews on this site which hinted that she may not be the most outgoing character but that she had a nice personality. That's exactly how it it turned out.

My communications last week with Alli at Allure were perfect, my request for Katy not to be wearing perfume and my choice of lingerie style were adhered to. Katy's apartment is in Ashington, discreet enough location with easy parking.

She welcomed me at the door in bra and panties, a very very womanly curvaceous shape, sensational boobs, milky skin, meditarrenean looking features and very likely to be the age of 18 she is featured as. She was really eyecatching in a natural way, I'm not sure she was even wearing any makeup as she is naturally very pretty. It was obvious that she was a little shy and reticent, that too can be attractive. We men are all different and all have different tastes, I see different ladies for different attributes. I'm sure that there are men who may have been been put off by Katy's initial reticence and would have decided to just get as much pleasure for themselves as possible, and Katy I'm sure would have provided that as despite her shyness she is willing. I decided however that I was likely to get maximum enjoyment if I was able to make her feel more at ease, my view is you reap what you sow. I'm really pleased I did as it resulted in a really good experience. My booking was 90 minutes so time was not an issue. I massaged her back  intially for a while, and that's a real pleasure in itself as she has a gorgeous body. By the time she rolled over and revealed her sensational boobs she was definitely more relaxed and we were chatting at ease. I knew then the rest of the meeting was going to be good. I love to give oral and she was very receptive. Her hygiene was perfect and she tasted fabulous. I could feel her melting. She then reciprocated, she has lovely soft lips and has a gentle cock sucking technique. Kissing throughout added to the GFE. By this time Katy was clearly exceptionally aroused and the combination of greedily sucking her diamond hard nipples and rubbing her clit really fast resulted in her having a huge orgasm. As I said, you reap what you sow. Thereafter we fucked in several positions, she is very tight as you would expect from someone so young. I tell you, when she is beneath you, large cushion under her arse, legs spread really wide and you are kneeling between her thighs, cock deep inside her, her massive natural boobs rocking to the rythm of the fucking, her sparkling blue eyes looking straight into yours, it is a sight to behold ! As is when she is laying on her front, large pillow under her hips, elevating her gorgeous arse, legs together, and you fuck her from behind, kneeling astride her, spreading her bum cheeks and watching your cock sliding in and out of her very wet pussy. When the time was up she made me cum as I wished, riding me hard looking straight into my eyes. Great time.
I was able to shower there and despite her not normally working Saturday mornings she agreed to do so in future via the agency. I will definitely be adding Katy to my varied list of ladies I see.
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Great work Mr Hill
Excellent review

Offline Rod trotter

Ive said before she has it all

If she wants it  :hi:
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