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Author Topic: HORNY MAROCCO - Wembley Park  (Read 1442 times)

2 review(s) for HORNY MAROCCO (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline lcb

My first review so here goes



Spoke to her directly over phone. Sounded OK gave directions to a hotel near Wembley Park station


£60 for 60 minutes


Definitely the girl in the photo. Wasn't expecting a looker. But I was out for a nice OWO CIM session


On arrival to the room it absolutely stank of weed. I should have walked but not thinking with my head stayed. Handled the paper work she tells me to get naked on the bed. She started with OWO her technique was OK but nothing like her profile would suggest. Around 15 mins in her phone goes she answers it giving room details to next punter. Shocked I was unable to focus and anyway she's sweating badly. I stand up while she sits on bed giving OWO She goes at it about another 5 mins then just stops saying no more. tbh I was happy to get out of there


She gave me £20 back


OWO technique was OK


She had a BO issue. Not a normal kind of smell she smelt like ass

Talking on phone and arranging her next client



Would I like to see her again?


I was passed by the next punter on my way out of room so prob no breaks no clean up

2 review(s) found for HORNY MAROCCO linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Steve2

If only you had read her reviews  :hi:

Offline lcb

Yes true this was before I found out how to cross check on here using the AW codes. Very helpful these reviews

Cheers for the review "she smelt like ass" made me chuckle  :D

Offline Nagilum

Good job getting some money back for that.

Thanks for the review, sorry about the punt.

Offline The_Don

If only you had read her reviews  :hi:

This reminds me of the post I made:


Just to chime in here,  I saw Horny marocco when she was staying in Thornton heath a couple years ago she was high on weed, and in doggy her arse completely STANK of SHIT!

£40 for 30min bargain basement special.

This still has me  :lol:  because, not only did she 'STANK of SHIT' but she is shi+ as a W/G.

But, its bad you had to put up with her  :angry: and this now reminds me to post a new review of something similar, that happened to me (smelly)

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Online pumps

She's a disgusting dirty gypsy, I still feel a bit sick to this day thinking about it because you'aall know how pumps likes his booty  :thumbsdown:

On another note for laughter a buddy of mine saw her and he loves to eat pussy out RO is a total deal breaker for this guy, he'll eat any womans he has no hold ups.

so you can imagine exactly where his face, mouth, tongue was when he realise her as smelt strongly of shite  :lol:

Offline LL

Thanks for the warning (as if there weren't enough warnings about this girl already!) :)
Reminds me a lot of a recent punt and subject of my last review.  How frustrating is it to hear them not only take a call in the middle of your paid time, but to arrange for the guy to arrive, in what is still your paid-time!

Online Cunning Punt

Good detailed first review, even if it was a shit punt. Thanks for your two since as well.

she smelt like ass


Looks like a donkey, smells like one and is probably a drugs mule.
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Offline Turtle1

Serves you right, she's a known scumbag of the highest order. She has hidden feedback for a reason.

Plus, she's one hell of a munter,

This one often comes up in my AW searches. I always got the sense from her profile that bad things happen when you see her, so I never made contact.

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