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Author Topic: Lucy 70a Berwick St  (Read 1168 times)

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Offline Miscm123

Most will be aware Lucy is a blonde English girl with very large boobs

I have always found her to be very friendly and good attitude.

I've seen her a few times and her service is "mechanical" (not meant in the negative way this is normally used) in the sense that she has a bit of a routine that she seems to pretty much use all the time.  If you only see her once you'd never realise.  Even with that, recommended.

Online Hertsgent

I think Lucy was my second ever punt, and at that location - very nice girl with absolutely fantastic assets. Excellent walk up experience, so good she is still on form.

Online Hertsgent

Blonde and pretty is my recollection - might check the wiki for days on - used to be Tuesday's I think?

Offline gingerbollocks

any one know when she works usually fed up of the typical ee
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Sundays and Mondays last I checked on Lucy, Ginge. That was a while ago (about a year) but my impression was that Lucy is fairly set in her way of working, so it is likely to be still the same.

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