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Author Topic: EVELINA.HOT - Walsall  (Read 1473 times)

7 review(s) for EVALI.HOT (6 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline BoShek

https://www.adultwork.com/1902940 or https://www.adultwork.com/EVELINA%2EHOT

First review but will keep it brief and to the point.

Had Evelina on my hot list for a while and found some good reviews on here albeit several months old so thought I'll TOFTT.
Firstly she is the girl in the photo, though she's put on a few kgs. Arranged the meet in the morning about a week ago for 7pm on the same day (30 mins booking). At her rates and the services provided on her profile, I was thinking I’m not sure you could find much better out there. Confirmed OWO, facials and swallow on the phone.
Met her at a block of flats near the Arboretum with plenty of parking spaces. She opened the door wearing some sexy white lingerie. Her profile and pics reads a size 8 she was probably a 10-12 now and not as curvy. Wasn't off putting but wish WG's would just update their profile pic regularly or just keep the figure on their old photos
Paper work out the way Evelina offered me a shower but declined as I did before coming over. She started a brief but sensual massage. Then went onto oral without but as soon as jonny-boy hard she slipped on the jimmy. I was like wtf as I had taken a shower before coming over and was fresh and well trimmed. She said she was more comfortable this way (back of my mind I'm thinking is she really going to take this load in her mouth then). I didn't complain as she had a pleasant demeanour so far. Next onto cowgirl and then mish. Tried to turn her over for doggy but quickly said no as I was too big and turn onto her back. She wasn't even that tight for a reasonably big guy like me. Tried to convince her that I would go easy (yeah right) :D . So I said if no doggy then I want OWO to completion. She gave me a look like hell no but I stood my ground and she complied. OWO was sublimed; this girl really knows how to suck a dick. With about 5 minutes left I popped in her mouth which she quickly pulled away as though it was acid. The rest got on her face and in her hair (good luck washing that out quickly) shouldn't have moved  :lol: . She spat it some tissue so no swallowing, which is a turn on for me. I showered and then left a little disappointed only brightened by £60 for 30 mins and the OWO.

Goods comms

Should only list service she's comfortable providing
Needs to update photo

Only neutral as I did not fully enjoyed the experience.
Would recommend as a last minute or backup punt but wouldn't be going back

7 review(s) found for EVALI.HOT linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Ming

Nice review, thanks Bo

Ming  :hi:

And I should say Welcome too. :hi:

Offline BoShek

You're welcome Ming!  :hi:

And thanks for your reviews. I've dodged a couple bullets.

Offline Dodo

Review appreciated Bo.........and yea, why oh why do that put duff pictures up. I suppose most guys like you (and me) get tempted and then tend to stay rather that walk whereas we probably wouldn't go in the first place if a true likeness was posted 
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I've seen her twice and had owo and cim and then sex doggy style and had no problems with her tho I would say she's more of a size 10 Defo but I didn't get any kissing but she definilty swallowed the lot as I came in her mouth knows how to get a guy turned on again for round 2 as well I think neutral was fair for your review

Offline BoShek

Dodo - you're welcome! I think it was her friendliness and really good looks that kept me there. Otherwise I would have walked!
She could be a top wg in the WM, just need to hit the gym and be consistent with the services she provides.

Pp1971 - good to hear you had a good time. I guess it can be hit and miss with her.

Yes I think you could be right about being hit or miss

Offline Lestat

Punted her when she was in Birmingham...I agree pictures look good...and she was happy to do everything listed. But she just did not appeal to me..and it was the first one hour punt when I have left early...nice person and personality...but a miss for me...unlikely to go back...but she may appeal to others....
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Offline mart478

I've seen her in Walsall and generally agree with this review.

She's definitely bigger than her pics, at least a 12 I would say.  A friendly girl who gave decent service including FK, but refused 69 which surprised me a bit.  Got quite wet during sex, and seemed to enjoy herself.

Wouldn't go back as a she's a bit big for my tastes.

Agree size 12, was hoping for an 8-10 when i turned up so was a bit disappointing.
but excellent service - took a CIM and said she enjoys it! lol. great bj also.
was a good meet overall, very engaging and chatty. nice smile and good eye contact.

i last saw her she was a size 8 she was perfect, kissing all good then i played with her feet and she wouldnt kiss me again really annoyed me but everything else was brilliant, ive been trying to see her again but not free when she is and she was off with a bad back for a while, now im in 2 minds wether to try see her again....

It looks like her service is excellent but over time she has eaten all the pies and it has lessened the desire to return.
If you like a size 12 though its perfect! I prefer 6-8 :)

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