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Author Topic: Instructions for role play  (Read 480 times)

Guys and girls(?) ,

Do you send instructions to your WG about the role play? What is the brief you give?

Last week I had another excellent role play with Platinum Cindy. Review will follow.


I sent her the following brief:

Round 1: I am the PE teacher who is an unpleasant bastard. U have been called in to him because of lack of hard work in the last lesson. U r wearing your cheerleader outfit. Not the best to catch up with some proper PE. U know he has laid most of the hot students. U know that u will be even more irresistible if u resist his sexual advances. U r playing hard to get for a while xxxxx

Round 2: Last time the head master had given u the task to get the head of PE to stay on at the school. U are going to model the new school swimwear. U tie him down to the bed as any dirty advances are not ok. U know that he can't resist strong dominant bitches. To show what he would miss if he left the school, you spit and slap his face, cock and balls. Among all the dirty gob, u tell him that u will squeeze his balls harder if he leaves.... xxxxx


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Offline Sonny Crockett

I wanted to do a roleplay scenario in a punt with Naughty Slut Soph. I never have done roleplay in a punt, however I wanted to give it a go as it was something different. I gave some thought as to what I wanted and sent a detailed e-mail as to the scenario and how I wanted things to go. However though she accepted the booking, it seems she never had an interest in my scenario and instead messed me around with bullshit for the next several weeks while I tried to arrange a meet. Sadly that meet, and the roleplay, never materialised.
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Probably depends whether the girl is in to role play. I send a detailed email about what I want to one girl I usually do it with and she follows the script to the letter. When done properly, it can be great fun.


I did it once, then night before had a bad dream of how shit it was so rolled over sent an email come in daisy duke  hot pants and pick me up from my local pub for an all day.  The change of plan worked, and realised planning is not for me I'm to unpredictable.

To the guys who do this frequently, do you watch lots of porn and these tent to recreate scenes of your favourite porno, won't ask the fuffs as imagine a remake of their favourite romcom, bet some fucker has done serendipity.

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