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Author Topic: Rebeca Sexy - Very Busty Romanian  (Read 1902 times)

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Offline Candyman


Seen this lady a couple of times in Bayswater. Also advertises on agency websites for £150 an hour.

Booking is easy and done through her. Apartment is easy to find and no complaints on room size/cleanliness.

Ignore the confusing feedback on her aw page, I think she is using another girl's profile as she is more early 30s than early 20s and her tits are not small as mentioned in one of the comments. Her appearance is as you would expect from the photos: pretty face albeit heavy on the make-up, curvy body with a bit of a spare tyre going on around the waist but by no means would she qualify as BBW. Then there's the tits. They are exceptional. Natural, very big, soft, just a great handful and she doesn't mind you licking and fondling them. The bra she was wearing is way too small for her and they are bulging upon greeting you. Id' say they are at least an F cup although because of they're size and the fact she is in her 30s they have began to sag a bit which you'll see when she pops them out of the bra. She has a few tattoos including a large one on her back which might put some off but all in all she is well-proportioned.

Service wise she is decent too. Kissing is passionate although not deep and unfortunately no tongues were involved. She asks whether you want oral covered or not which I always find a nice touch rather than assuming one or the other. The owo was very good and had to stop her in her tracks before i blew my load too soon. Sex was good with any position I asked for willingly provided, she is pretty tight down there too. COB was offered which i duly obliged. Profile says facials too but I didn't ask for that, maybe next time. One minor downside is she only allows 1 pop in half an hour but at her price its not too much of a downer as she is cheap enough for return visits.

Her attitude was quite playful, despite me being late the first time I saw her and she gave me a few stern words as she had to cancel on another appointment which was fair enough.

To summarise: She's a nice enough girl and those worrying about her nationality shouldn't as she has showed no signs of attitude when I have seen her. Services may not be the best and most varied out there but they are decent and for £60/30 or £100/hour she's good VFM especially if you're a fan of big natural boobs.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline pumps

Seem's like you've found one of the better Romanians here, what was her hygiene like?

Great set of tits by the looks of it, shes found her way onto my B list !

Offline Candyman

Hygiene was fine. No unpleasant smells. The main reason for the positive is the price. There really aren't many available for £60 in central London with tits like hers

Offline namster

i believe Sergei is up to telling fairytales again  :angry:. This is a well known pro does not offer any of the listed don't be fooled, same place as the witch Emma https://www.adultwork.com/2614182

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