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Arranged earlier on in the day via phone. Arrived near the postcode given 10 minutes before. No answer to my texts/calls for the next 25 minutes so left and drove home. Never received any further comms.

Irritating as it was a wasted journey and she looked great in her verification picture. I suspect this group just takes whoever is outside at the time and to hell with anyone who has booked.

Incidentally I read on Sussex Scene that the police raided their flat in Crawley and they haven't since returned - now based in Paddington.


Offline MrMatrix

Don't suppose you've got the cross reference to the sussex scene report at all :hi:

Offline Cunning Punt

Not got the link for Sussex scene thread, but that sage The Don had some wise words to say about this group on a review posted on the London section last week of Lara's stablemate Teen Lily, as they are often in Paddington.;topicseen#msg948198

I been looking at 3 different profile last week that were (as far as I'm aware) working out of the same location. And had links to each others profiles, but 1 is now gone (but more W/G do work out of the same place).

The MO are the same just like the pricing and similar service lists. But to be blunt I don't like the set up very much.

Seems, to be back to back, rates that may be over the odds and limiting what really on offer. Hence I didn't book.;id=6961
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