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Author Topic: Greedy Girl Party West Brom - Newbie Report  (Read 1028 times)

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Offline macmate

Sorry this is the 3rd report on this party, but I'll try approach it from being a newbie to the party scene. A party was on my bucket list, so this being relatively local, un-filmed and with a decent line up of girls I though I'd give it a go.

Location is pretty easy to get to, club itself is pretty discreet. It's seen better days, but in general I considered it OK (no nasty smells, not too cold etc.). Met at the door and signed in, exchanged locker key and sent downstairs to the main room. Met Debbie on the way, who showed me around. Few guys there at about 12:15, girls we're stood around. Fortunately I got talking to a couple of guys which made it more relaxed. Couple of jokes with the girls and the satin shirt thing certainly floated my boat.

As 12.30 approached, ventured down to the locker room, quick strip and shower then back upstairs with the towel. There was a bit of hanging around and the bukkake didn't kick off until 12:40, after Dave explained the rules.

Each girl knelt at the corner of the mattress and started blowing the guys, pattern seemed to be two being serviced alternately with a 3rd getting ready. I started with Layla and she did a good job, and we all got to give her a good grope. Not wanting to hog her, I moved onto Debbie who was free with a view to returning to unload on Layla. Best laid plans... Debbie got me, she sure can blow! Unloaded over her face, hair, tits (about 5 days worth, edged!). Went off for a breather and saw that most guys had shot their loads and were now waiting for the gangbang. Thanks to the lil blue pill, I thought I'd give Isla a go, and she duly obliged for a few minutes throating, but no cum.

There was a 10-15 minute break for pizza/cigs. Bit of chat between the guys, felt a little awkward but nothing too bad. Then onto the gangbang. We all relocated to a single play room, Layla and Debbie in first. Guys were straight onto Layla, thought I'd bide my time and wait for Isla. She arrived, and two of us got to her. Basically she blows until your hard, then you get inside her, she blows the next guy. Fair play, she was a good fuck! I wanted to fuck Layla, so withdrew from Isla and moved over to Layla. Had to wait a couple of mins. She blew me hard then I fucked her from behind, very nice it was too - load No. 2 duly deposited inside her, condom binned.

It was noticeable that the room had started to thin out by then, as most guys were maybe onto pop 2. I was enjoying it, so stuck around and had a go on Ava (who was glad to ditch a local that seemed to be being a pain). Again, dedicated and enjoyable blow job but just couldn't cum, she gave up with wanker's cramp! Isla was calling out for synchronised cum shots, so I thought why not? It took a bit of self-starting but then I knew the 3rd pop was on the cards, and she looked genuinely pleased when I unloaded with her help all over her (tiny) tits and cute face. Left at 14:20 after a quick shower. (By then there were just a few blokes left, but the girls seemed to be just getting started - it would be worth pacing yourself next time)

So, what were the girls like? Someone did say (I thought a little unkindly) that Debbie was past it. Yes she's ageing facially, but the lady sure knows how to fuck, and her body is pretty good. I found Layla very attractive and sexy, and a good laugh with a naughty twinkle in her eye. Ava's a bit of full on chav, but again I can't fault the attention she gave me. I really didn't think Isla was going to do anything for me, but she was fun and attentive and loved cum. All in all I found them a really sexy mix.

The guys? A real broad mix. A couple of odd bods, but it all seemed pretty well behaved and everyone was considerate. It really didn't occur to me that we were all naked and shagging away. I'm glad I took a bluey, as it definitely helped sort any nerves and could max out my participation. I came with the aim of fucking as many of the girls as possible, and did that and more.

Would I do a party again? Yes, definitely. £60 for 3 pops with 4 ladies is definitely good value in my book. This was, I guess, a pretty vanilla experience - something like Teesider's DP pub review would go down a treat next time, especially if I corner Isla!


Offline davidgood

A good review macmate.

I am pleased you enjoyed your first party.



With regards to Dee/Debbie

The last party we went to of theirs in Sutton - I felt sorry for her.

I remember being on the landing there where the bukkaki was going on and all the girls were busy apart from Dee.

She said "has anyone got a hard dick for little old me"

Man - I felt bad - but not bad enough to help her out.

Overall - I think she is a lovely lady, but a "niche" market now.

I personally would say they offer the best bang for buck and have always had a good time with them.

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