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Author Topic: MissKDD & G-Ellaxxx - Tottenham Court Road  (Read 1821 times)

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1.5 hr

https://www.adultwork.com/1704556 or https://www.adultwork.com/MissKDD
https://www.adultwork.com/3060009 or https://www.adultwork.com/G%2DEllaxxx

I wanted to fulfill one of my porno induced threesome fantasies...involving cumplay and Ass to Mouth between the girls. Obviously KDD was the choice, but needed another girl now that Lindsey is travelling, so thanks to Hendrix for recommending Gabriella (formerly of Maxes Angels). Gabriella had been on my list for a long time, and was one of very few girls in the £250 price bracket I was willing to see.

I approached KDD about what I wanted and she communicated with Gabriella on my behalf, which was nice of her and made it easier to have one point of contact.

At Gabby's place...Awesome location! It is less than 2 minutes away from Tottenham Court Road, so if you get there early, you can easily kill time by browsing in the stores, or after the booking, you can be doing whatever in less than 2 minutes


I've seen KDD three times now and each time she has looked hotter (to me). the pretty girl next door face with that lovely naked curvy body is such a turn on.
Gabriella is hot as fuck. Amazing large soft boobs with seriously great legs. Her tattoos were a bonus.

Met both girls in the flat, and a brief chat, before I made my way to the shower.

In the bedroom and started off with DFK between three of us, and quickly descended into oral debauchery. Lots of deepthroat, gagging, facefucking, spitting on my cock, rimming, and RO. If one of the girls was sat on the bed deepthroating me, the other would be knelt behind me giving a rimming. When I was giving Gabby RO, Kristen would be over her face getting licked. There was lot of this throughout and I loved it.

Gabby lubed up her asshole and assumed the doggy position. They told me once I was going to cum to pull out and deliver into their mouths, which is what I did! Pulled out and wanked myself to completion into their mouths, before they started snowballing between themselves and I just watched them in dumbfounded amazement. One experience ticked off my bucketlist.

There was no rest for the wicked, and Kristen was already sucking my still semi-erect cock. I was getting hard again in no time. We literraly had no break in the sexual fun, one time Gabby asked if i wanted a 5 minute break, to which I said yes, only for Kristen to start sucking my cock less than 60 seconds later! Gabby is great fun and comes up with all these ideas.

- While I was standing with Kristen deepthroating me, Gabby attached a strap-on dildo to my thigh so she could back up onto it while I was getting blown.
- Fucked Kristen doggy in the ass. Halfway I was encouraged to pull out and facefuck Gabby, then back into Kristen ass, and back to facefucking Gabby
- Fucking Gabriella doggy in the ass again, while pulling her hair.
- Fucking Kristen missionary, while Gabby put a condom on my fingers so she could get fingered in the ass.
- 69 with Kristen, where she squirted into my mouth twice! Then proceeded to suck my mouth off to get the sweet taste
- 3 fingers deep in Gabby ass while Kristen deepthroated me, and then fed my fingers into both their mouths
- Getting furiously wanked off by Gabby several times, as she apparently loves the sound
- Used one of those jelly type dildos with Gabby, where you bite down on one end and fuck her ass with the other end...like using your face to fuck her ass

I am sure I have missed some stuff off, but it was intense. I have never ever got lightheaded from sex before!
Before I went to bed, I couldnt do anything but laugh at my cock, it was so swollen, and looked like the face of a puppy with all those fat rolls  :lol:

This was my most expensive booking to date, but I knew for what I wanted it was going to have to be anyway. This was only supposed to be a one time thing, but unfortunately for my bank balance, it was so good, I will be repeating it. We already spoke about potentially doing it again in January. I also want to see them one on one before hand as well, to give them each proper undivided attention.

88 review(s) found for MissKDD linked to in above post (88 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
9 review(s) found for G-Ellaxxx linked to in above post (7 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline ramrodronnie

Thanks for the Great Review Trafalgar Law. Now that's what I would say was a VFM Session. No holes barred. Brilliant mate!  :yahoo: :hi:
Banning reason: Undesirable

Online hendrix

Glad it was up to expectations TL :hi:

Online The Beano

Nice one TL, an excellent review which has made me more impatient for my upcoming 3some involving the incomparable Miss KDD.

Offline kong

it says gabbi is 5'3 would you say that is accurate?

Apologies if i shouldn't but may i ask how much you paid for this experience?

Offline shagbambi

Sounds like you had an epic session!

thanks guys
Whos the other person going to be in your 3some Beano?

it says gabbi is 5'3 would you say that is accurate?

she was wearing very high heels throughout, but i thought she was maybe slightly taller than that

Apologies if i shouldn't but may i ask how much you paid for this experience?


Offline ciscoxxx69

Fantastic Review TL  :drinks:

Note to self!
Gotta have KDD in a group sesh.......1-2-1 she is consistently anything you want her to be, every time. Off the scale Hot for me......but I reckon in a group session (GB or 3sum or moresome) I imagine she just 'loses herself' completely....and that is soooo fucking Sexy!  :wackogirl:

Must meet Gabbi 1-2-1 too been in my HL forever.... :P

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