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Author Topic: Gangbangs and sex parties in The Netherlands  (Read 1036 times)

I have doubted a long time about whether or not I should post on a forum about my experiences. I read posts on many forums in several languages.
hookers.nl is the #1 Dutch forum. Until almost one year ago gangbangs got a lot of attention on this forum and several very good contributors posted regularly. Unfortunately the admins went too far in their effort to stop fake posts (advertisements) by closing entire topics and erasing many posts (also posts that came from reputable contributors). This has caused many contributors to stop posting and the gangbang section is not as active and informative as it once was. That’s why I won’t post on hookers.nl. ijsberenforum.com is #2, but this forum is primarily focused on the German saunaclub and partytreff scene and does not provide much information about gangbangs. The same goes for the Flemish relaxxxboard.com. And then there is, since recently, gangbangforum.nl. This forum is clearly owned by a party organizer, most posters are not objective and there is not much activity.
This is the landscape of the forums in Dutch that cover gangbangs and not one of these forums makes me feel like posting about my experiences. Since ukpunting.com is quite informative and active regarding gangbangs/sex parties and I had a good conversation with one of the main contributors, Jerboa, about all of this, I have decided to post my experiences on this forum.

I am a Dutch guy in his twenties, living centrally in The Netherlands and I am, in the sex or p4p scene, solely interested in gangbangs, sex parties, swinger parties and the likes. I go to parties with only hired women, with only non-hired women and a combination of both. Since I discovered my new ‘hobby’ in late 2014 I am going to gangbangs about once per month. It is really addictive and I have to constrain myself otherwise I will be broke very soon.

For as now I am only active in The Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders) and Germany (NRW). In the future I hope to explore other parts of Germany (mostly Berlin), countries in east Europe (like Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary) and the UK. Although I think it is quite hard to find proper gangbangs outside the Benelux and Germany.   

Before I start writing about my experiences it might be useful to give you an overview of the gangbang providers in The Netherlands. There are three main providers:
1) Vipganbang: once or twice per month in Lovehotel Bananas in The Hague (less than 15 minutes walking from the central station). The amount of girls vary from 3 to 5, the price varies from 100 to 120 euro, the duration is 4 hours and the organizer mainly uses girls who work in a sex club or private house in the Randstad area. Though sometimes national (Angelique Secret) or international (Emma Starr, Sexy Susi, Melanie Moon) porn stars attend. Although the invitation clearly states that amateur women may attend (free of charge), I have never seen one. 
2) Gangbangfriends: this organizer has his own private house in Rotterdam with three very nice rooms. About once per week he organizes a gangbang in his private house with 3 girl and a duration of 3 hours. During the gangbang the entire private house is used for the gangbang. The price is now 100 euro (but used to be 85 euro about half a year ago when the private house just opened). He uses a variety of women, some whom also work at his private house and others who work as an escort or somewhere else. In addition to the gangbangs in his private house he also organizes bigger gangbangs in Belgium in sex clubs and semi swinger clubs. These gangbangs are organized about 2 or 3 times a month on average, use 4 to 8 hired women, last 5 or 6 hours and cost 110 to 130 euro. When a gangbang is organized in a semi swinger club there are often also swinger couples whom attend
3) Gangbang Club Nederland: organizes 1 party a week on average on various locations in The Netherlands. Most parties have 3 or 4 hired women, last 3 or 4 hours and cost 110 to 120 euro. I have never attended a party of this provider, because he provides slightly less value for money than the two other providers and many contributors, on the Dutch forums, report that very often 1 or 2 women don’t show up and the organizer doesn’t arrange for back up or partial refund.     

Of course there are some other providers that organize gangbangs regularly at various locations (like GangBang Angels or Fangangbang) but they don’t offer the kind of quality  and value for money as the other three do and therefore they often have a low attendance (which makes it less of a sex party experience).

And then there are the sex cinemas which occasionally organize gangbangs (like Erotic Cinema) with one or at most two hired women. And the private houses that occasionally organize a gangbang with a few of their own girls (like Mason Monty). And some semi swinger clubs which sometimes organize a gangbang with their regular hired women (like Oase).

The above mentioned organizations all use only, or largely, hired women. Then there are the real swinger clubs which, except maybe for special events, do not use hired women but only genuine swingers. They often have, about once a month, a gangbang or another themed sex party (e.g. ‘slutty wives’ or ‘MILF evening’) for a very reasonable price. Although there is no sex guarantee, these parties are mostly attended by females from 40 years and up whom are eager to get fucked and aren’t very picky. These swinger clubs are for example Mystique, Inn Joy, Temptation and Devils & Angels.

I will post about my experiences during the gangbang with Emma Starr and Sexy Susi soon. After that I will try to keep you informed about the gangbang and sex parties scene in The Netherlands and post my experiences.

Offline Jerboa

Welcome to the board Van Bins, was good to meet you the other week, I and others would be interested to hear your opinions on the GB scene over there, as our man on the ground.  :thumbsup:

Offline Jerboa

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Offline Wanking

I will post about my experiences during the gangbang with Emma Starr and Sexy Susi soon. After that I will try to keep you informed about the gangbang and sex parties scene in The Netherlands and post my experiences.

Excellent report mate, very informative and welcome to the Board. I am very interested in hearing more about Mystique swingers club that jerboa also visited recently.

Excellent report mate, very informative and welcome to the Board. I am very interested in hearing more about Mystique swingers club that jerboa also visited recently.''

Thank you Wanking.

I am thinking about attending the ‘Kerstgangbang’ (Christmas gangbang) of Gangbangfriends on Sunday 13 December. The venue is semi swingers club Eroxx in Balen in Belgium (a nice accommodation about 15 km from the border). Gangbangfriends arranges for 8 girls (one of which is a young ebony girl with massive tits that I really want to fuck). There probably will be some house girls of Eroxx as well. And then there are some couples that will join the party. In short: it will be a real fuckfest with some very hot girls.


Mystique has been on my list for quite a while. I have not heard of a swingers club in The Netherlands that organizes bigger gangbangs than Mystique. I have heard some mixed reviews though, both from men and women. Some men say that it is a good place to have a lot of sex with a large variety of women, other men say that the ratio men/women is not good, many women are old, many couples don’t share with strangers and they feel like they are only good for bringing in cash. Some women say they can have lots of sex with many men, other women though say that they feel jumped on by many guys and many guys don’t take no for an answer and keep touching and trying. The positive review of Jerboa has convinced me to find all of this out for myself in the near future: he even went so far as to compare Mystique with Insomnia, which I find very promising.

Mystique organizes one MEGA Gangbang and one non stop sex party (gangbang) per month. The MEGA gangbang of 3 December I have to miss, due to other obligations. I can attend the non stop sex party (gangbang) on 18 December, but I don’t have any idea how this compares to the MEGA Gangbang. Moreover I generally need one week to fully recharge after a gangbang and when I have been to the Christmas gangbang I only have four complete days in between. So, maybe I will try the MEGA Gangbang in early January. 

Offline Jerboa

Yes Gangbangfriends looks good, I've not been to any of their parties yet.

Mystique's Mega gangbang is worth checking out as I said, I can see though why some might say it's a cock fest, yes there are many guys, and it seems a lot because when couples begin to play they get a crowd, I wouldn't of said there were to many guys though.
Yes maybe the couples might feel some guys are to forward or pounce, but a quick no will stop any of that, on the whole the majority of the couples I saw at the party played, and were not your usual teasing exhibitionist couples.

Offline vt

Welcome VB...always good to hear of these parties in Benelux & Germany. Lucky you are so well located to take advantage of these!  :thumbsup:

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