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Author Topic: Cathy, Norwich.  (Read 655 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2223283 https://www.adultwork.com/%2DCathy%2D

I found myself in Norwich after some work meetings and tried to see Sweet Sexy Milf (she was busy) and Carmen https://www.adultwork.com/2136987 but she wasn't picking up her phone. Cathy was available so we exchanged some texts and I met her for 30 minutes.

Looks 7/10 - a peroxide blonde with a really slutty body, Cathy greeted me wearing some nice black lingerie which showed off her slim curvy frame. She has some tattoos and her breasts are enhanced.

Service 8/10 - after taking my clothes off Cathy forced her tongue down my throat, which is always a great start to any meeting! She was happy for my hands to wander, and she dropped to her knees to give my knob a good noshing. She beckoned me to the bed where we continued to lick and probe each other. Cathy freely snogged me, and after giving my balls a generous licking I told her to rim me which she did very expertly. Afterwards I told Cathy I wanted to cum in her mouth, and she replied that she would swallow it all! I came with a lot of force and Cathy kept her promise.

Car parking 3/5 - Cathy directed me to an adjacent road where I parked my car. Not sure if it is possible to park on her actual road but I guess Cathy does this for discretionary purposes.

Premises 3/5 - she admits her place is a bit of a tip and it does remind me of a student bedsit. However the bedroom is fine.

Value for money 7/10 - I'm happy with the service she gave for £70 for 30 minutes and no extras.

Total 28/40 - clearly Cathy is a lovely independent wg who puts a lot of passion into her meets. As I don't live near Norwich I'm not sure I will see her again and I still think Sweet Sexy Milf is the best wg in the area. But I happily recommend Cathy to anyone looking for a slutty incall meet!

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Offline uutarn

Thanks for the review mate!

I did have a booking with cathy about 3 weeks ago, but i think i pissed her off by not answering my phone (well, i was unable to answer my phone, the only 5 minutes during the whole morning i couldn't answer my phone). :angry: :mad:

Anyway, i might send her another message at some point and hope she hasn't blocked me as a time waster.
Definitely on my HL.


Offline eyeseebee

She looks and sounds like a right slag....I'm in!

Thanks for the review! I wonder if she allows filming as her face is visible in her pics? She's currently touring in Belfast now.

Offline socks

Thanks for the review! I wonder if she allows filming as her face is visible in her pics? She's currently touring in Belfast now.
Me too. If she did I'd see her.

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