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Author Topic: Angela - Heathrow  (Read 1371 times)

2 review(s) for #ANGELA# (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2978860 or https://www.adultwork.com/%23ANGELA%23

I have a short window available tonight to publish some reviews for some recent punts.

I remember ringing about 5 different WGs that evening but, no one was available.
In a desperate need to release the valve, I decided to TOFTT with Angela. There is another review on her, however this meeting took place before it was written.

Place: Nice hotel on the Bath Road. This was a late punt (~10pm) so I parked on a side road for free, however I think most hotels in this area will allow the public to park for a few £.
Looks: For me, a solid 7.5/10 for body AND face. She is very, very cute.
Service: 6.5/10, see below.
Price: £100/hr. Comms: Fine.

The closest picture to what she actually looks are these ones:
(except her hair is shorter and tied up, and it is a very light blonde colour)



She is a tight, pocket rocket and clean as a whistle with lovely skin (body). Face is cute, but there are some minor scars on one of her cheeks that she hides well with a bit of makeup – no big deal for me. Very nice pussy and she’s always smiling – no attitude problems. I have fairly simple requirements: Give me a pretty, clean girl with a nice attitude and I will be a happy bunny with vanilla services.

I never read all the crap on her AW profile or her likes list before I booked. Having a look at it now, I would be surprised if she offered anal and some of the other services. Best to confirm with her.

She has nice (probably enhanced) perky tits that suit her frame very nicely. She explained its 2 pops:  1 pop sex and 1 pop HJ/Oral.

Do not expect a GF experience with her as I don’t remember kissing her – which is unusual for me. She closes her eyes a lot whilst still holding a smile.
OWO was just ok – I have had worse from more expensive girls. No teeth, but was slow and she simply goes up and down the shaft. It was enough to get me hard.

I had to go down on her gorgeous pussy, which she appreciated.
She was up for any position. 10mins of shagging this cutie and I came like a train.
She was still smiling and I had a crappy massage for the remainder of the time. No rush to kick me out even though it was close to 11pm.

By the way, she has a WG friend (another very cute blondie) who stayed in the bathroom. I would love to see her friend next time, although the friend doesn’t speak a word of English. The friend did have an AW profile, but I can no longer find it.
There’s no way to tell, but I believe Angela is independent.

Would I return? I would keep her as a solid plan B. She does move around the same areas a lot. For the general UKP community, I would say if you are after a 1 pop pump & dump with a friendly and pretty gal, her £70 half hour rate would be a better option and that is what I would go for if I saw her again.

2 review(s) found for #ANGELA# linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Players Only

Thanks for TOFTT Tony!!! I've had my eye on her many a time on a horny night in Heathrow but never had the balls to go through with it... mainly because of the Romanian bad experiences but she looks very cute and good VFM.

I'm gonna have to give it a go now m8... will update my experience with her here the next time she is back in Heathrow.
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Offline Bobdayley

you might have enjoyed yourself, good for you  :hi:

For a Hungarian to charge £100 just for OWO, sex and you licked her pussy that's a lot.
she should have done more than that, doesn't matter how beautiful she is.
£100 it is a  lot of money, make her work hard for it,
they will get used to easy money then we punters will pay the price
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you might have enjoyed yourself  :hi:

No , I DID enjoy myself.

Thanks for the comments. I remember  ringing most available girls in heathrow that evening from 8pm onwards and she was the only one that replied. I recommend 30m pump and dump rather than anything else. When you're dieing to burst and you've got this smiling cutie infront of you, it's hard to walk for the sake of twenty quid.

She's Romanian but you wouldn't know it from the way she acts or talks. This is punting and we're dealing with women, so every punt has the potential to be a bit different

I'm  a spontaneous punter and it could be my downfall. I just cannot  plan my punts ahead.  That's why I could never book some of the top-tier girls because it bores me to death waiting days or weeks.

I don't see what nationality has got to do with it, a WG can charge what she wants. All the English girls in the area didn't even bother to reply and they all range from 100-180hr, and most would not be as good looking as Ang.

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Offline scooby73

Looks lovely in the pics you linked to.
Shame her profiles gone now :(
Looking for a young pocket rocket in that sort of area.

She's got a new profile up, but the new pictures don't look like the girl I met.

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