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Offline Estoril

Never write reviews and this is my first. As Naughty Natt was unavailable this weekend I was itching for an alternative punt at short notice.

So I ended up seeing Amanda from various agencies.  Hot collection, diva, top secret etc.

Booked on the same day for an evening appointment for 1hour.


It's not the first time I've seen Amanda and at £200 p hour she is typically more expensive than theê girls on AW that I see.

Amanda is pretty Polish blonde with fantastic figure and Fantastic natural tits.  Pics are photoshopped but you won't be disappointed with her appearance.  Her skin is so smooth, the smoothest of any WG I've seen! 

Arrived at her flat which she shares with Lena from same agencies. Short walk from Paddington station. Nice modern place, large bed and good ensuite bathroom.

Amanda got me a glass of wine as she was having one herself.  I took a quick shower and returned to the room.

The appointment actually started with a a chat!  It's been almost a year since I seen Amanda and we had a few minutes of catch up and drinking wine.  After our glasses were emptied down to business....

Amanda started caressing me, which led to us both snogging.  I had my towel still wrapped around me and she proceeded to stroke my now erect cock underneath.  The towel was on the floor in matter of seconds and we were both snogging each other's face off whilst she was stroking me and simultaneously was playing with her boobs and pussy.

I then proceeded to kiss that lovely smooth body all over.  Her pussy is lovely and tastes great.

She then proceeded to give me OWO.  Her technique is one of the best I've experienced. Slow, lots of use of tongue.  Eventually I could not last any longer and came hard into her mouth.  My legs were juddering.  She then reached over for the wet wipes and cleaned me up still with a mouthful of my cum.  Eventually she existed to the bathroom to refresh.

After approx 5mins she returned to the room with more wine.  We chatted about our summers and travelling.  10-15mins later our glasses were empty again and I was thinking that would be it, instead as I leant over to give her a peck, we started to kiss again.  This led to her getting me hard once more and she went down on me again.  After 10mins of her giving me OWO I came in her mouth for a seconds time. She left for the bathroom once again.

After a few minutes she returned and checked the time. She had ran over by 30mins and her next appointment was in 20mins!

I jumped in for a quick wash and changed.  Paperwork sorted, we kissed and hugged and l exited a happy man once again. 


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Offline James999

Fantastic natural tits. 
Pics are photoshopped   

Her tits look fake in the pictures, or are you saying the photoshop makes them look fake?

Offline Estoril

Yeah, the shopped photos do make them look fake.

Offline GBush

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