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Author Topic: Romford Massage  (Read 697 times)

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Online Hackneylad1

Ok here goes - first review.

I've been around on here a while but thought I should start doing reviews. I have hesitated in the past cos most of the WG i've been to see have already been reviewed on here - all i've done is comment on other peoples posts where I thought I could contribute.

Have never been to a "massage" setup so thought I would try after good reviews here - have also avoided Romanians even before I joined this site and most reviews here do not encourage me to see them.

Link: www.romfordmassage.co.uk
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: £60

Location: End terraced house on busy main road. Most passersby would not know what goes on but I find it hard to believe the neighbours don't know with 3 Romanian girls and a reasonable number of male visitors -  2 of us there as another pair of shoes in the porch. Can't be long before neighbours mention this place to council or local plods.

Comms: Very easy - text day before and promptly sent postcode. Asked to confirm next morning which I did by text and then received house number.

Was met by girl called Lily - strange thing is didn't really look like the one in the photos with strange nose - it wasn't Gina or the other one so not sure if Lily is much better in the flesh or this was a different girl. Massage was excellent with a lovely handjob. I did find it frustrating that nothing else was on offer. Got exactly what it said on the tin by a smiley, friendly, attractive girl.

Would I go again - I have given this a positive because the girl was friendly and attractive and gave exactly what was agreed but the frustration of nothing else on offer (except B2B and I'm not paying £120 just to see some tits and fanny) plus the possibility of the plods turning up sometime means I won't return.


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