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Author Topic: Melissa of GEA  (Read 1391 times)

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Offline Budgie


Not really sure where to start with the review as whatever I write won't do it justice. Anyway, Melissa is a pretty Middle Eastern girl in her mid 30s with some scarring under her tits where she had a breast reduction op. Don't let this put you off as it isn't really noticeable.

Melissa started the meet with offering to join me in the shower but I was pushed for time so skipped this and showered alone for quickness. We started kissing on the couch and stripped off and moved in to a 69.  After a bit she ended up on her knees blowing and deep throating me as I grabbed her hair and held her in place while she gagged. From here it was on to the bed where after more DFK and OWO I started fingering her in the pussy and ass. I say fingering but it was actually closer to fisting in both. Then she pulled out a vibrator which after a bit of play in her pussy she took deep in the ass, all the while asking for more. After a while she asked me to fuck her ass but I looked at the size of the vibrator then my cock and decided there was no way I could compete so I just lay her back and let her deep throat me again. My balls were looking like I'd been in a bubble bath with all the gagging she was doing but it wasn't long till I was filling her mouth. I lay back and after she cleaned out her mouth she started blowing me again to clean me up. Made a nice change from the usual baby wipes! Again she asked if I wanted to shower together before I left but time was against me and I had to leave.

I'll definitely be seeing her again.

How is she facially and are her nipples as great as they lookin her pics?

Also next time leave some more time.....nothing better than a shower with a gorgeous girl and you refused it twice in the same punt  :dash:

Offline JazzMan

Excellent review, porn star experience which is hard to get.

Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline Budgie

She's not a stunner but she is pretty enough but your quite right about the time. I was having a lunchtime punt and had got a call just before that meant I had to cut my lunch hour down. I'll make sure I have more time next visit.

Offline Budgie

And yes, her nipples are amazing, very responsive.

Offline guns

Good review . She sounds filthy  :thumbsup: . I have only had anal off a couple of girls in all my years and only once was it really good ( that girl is long gone now ) . I would love a really good PSE and she sounds as if she would be the best around just now . Just that price tag that still puts me off  :thumbsdown:

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