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Author Topic: Oriental massage sunderland city centre  (Read 1750 times)

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Booked an hour for 40. Went down stairs showed into room. Asked to get myself ready while she went back out. Notice on wall read no sexual services. Anyway she came back in and had changed into a see through top.

Gets started on massage. Was realy good but was my first so nothing to compare. Had about for 40 mins on front. Dried off and turned over.  Mmmmm she says. U want hand job? Yeah why not i says. 20extra. I asked for top off too she says another 10. No just handjob i says.

Boy did this woman know her way around a cock. Better than most punts ive had. Loads of oil ball play rubbing my hoop a bit was fuckin mint. Shot my bolt up into the air nearly hit the ceiling. Bloody hell. Even got a cramp in my leg after cumming. She cleans me up. Then hot towels me and then head massage .

10/10 i will deffo be back. Prob when xmas shopping with wife (will meet u in an hour dear lol)

Offline The Rimmer

Nice one....and the shopping bit...I cant do that now as an excuse as 99% of my shopping done online.

Offline 3rdManIn

Hi mate. What was she like, looks-wise?

To fair the looks dont realy matter its what she does to your dick that counts. Bit she was canny. Prob early 40's

Hi do you have any contact details please mate


Offline ZapBoy

I've been a few times but only ever gone for half an hour, and they never changed into sexy outfits then lol

May try this place again tomorrow, with luck I may have an experience like this one =D

Offline 3rdManIn

Hi do you have any contact details please mate


I'm just too fussy, I think! ha

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