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Author Topic: Natty Oriental Girl Maidenhead  (Read 893 times)

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Offline Blade2008


Venue: Central Maidenhead, newish flat near the football ground
Price: £100 for 1 hour
Comms: All by SMS except the final directions to venue - her English isn't brilliant

Appearance: Well it's definitely her in the photos, but the closer you look in the flesh, the more you realise the photos have shaved off probably 10+ years (I suppose that's par for the course). Pretty firm body/tits, with surprisingly large nipples (of which more later).

Service: started off with oil massage of back/butt, reasonably good, but was surprised the hands never strayed beyond there to the little fella. Wipe off of the surplus oil with kitchen roll, then turned over for the fun to begin (but actually for things to start going downhill).

She excuses herself to the bathroom - I was presuming to wash the oil off, but the sounds of gargling & hawk/spit put me in mind of a 60-a-day smoker that's just woken up  :thumbsdown:

Back into the room, and she gives herself a squirt of deodorant/femfresh upstairs & downstairs, so I'm immediately thinking RO is off the menu. Then she's out with the baby wipes to clean off the little fella, straight on with the bag for covered BJ (no hint of OWO), which was pretty average, then on top for CG (OK) until 1st pop.

She's more than happy for you to squeeze her tits (surprisingly) firmly, but was told any touching/flicking of those big nipples was off limits. FK off limits too.

More oil and HJ to get me ready for round 2 (strangely tugging in time to the plinky-plunk background music had the desired effect), then into doggy. Again OK, but she's giving it the "you like fuck me baby?" with every stroke, which is not only obviously sham, but damned off-putting. Still, made it through to just short of the allotted hour.

Verdict: Not likely to be going back any time soon, however, to end with a couple of positives, parking in central Maidenhead is much better value than I expected, she's doing her bit to keep the British cleaning products industry in business with all the baby wipes/kitchen roll etc, and if you do decide to visit and time it right, you could catch a match at the football ground, or even visit the Honeypot round the corner to cheer yourself up :D

Happy punting!

3 review(s) found for Natty Oriental girl linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline Huawei

Thanks Blade,

I tried to see her a few days ago, but she was busy and couldn't fit me in - seems like a lucky miss. I won't bother trying again..


Offline Blade2008

No problem - I suspect the fact she is busy (she was very keen to make sure I arrived and left bang on time) is down to her reasonably competitive pricing, but I don't think she'd get many repeat customers - unless I caught her on  a really bad day.

Definitely worth forking out that little bit extra where necessary and sticking to a well reviewed WG.

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