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Author Topic: WEE SEXY TIA - Glasgow  (Read 1070 times)

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Booked Tia a couple of days ago

Time : 30 mins
Amount : £70
Place External : southside - good parking
Place Internal : Not nice, loads of sports shoe boxes lying and mens jackets hangin of the wall and not a good ambiance.
Would i go back? : Never

So booked on short notice and hoping to see a fun scottish lassie, on the phone before hand she offered a lap dance for extra £20, again offered when i got in (which am happy i declined) body not bad but terrible boob job.
Money exchanged, she goes out the room and i get comfortable comes back in and starts with a wee massage (just the legs, lol) then she starts with a hand job, im semi hard and she reaches over for a condom to which i say on your profile it states OWO. She say's that wrong and at discretion as someone else wrote the profile "whatever'. So on with the jonnie and and some oral then doggie until i come.Nothing sexy or sensual about the punt or her. Really just wanted to end so i could get outta there. Complete waste of £70. Maybe she didnt click with me so i wont tell people to stay away.
Im just back from Germany and the FKK clubs, WoW what a world of differance, we are so short changed here.
Wanted to find some new good shags and use then as tried and tested regulars, but thats one off the list.
Happy Punting.

1 review(s) found for WEE SEXY TIA linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline DG

When you say Sourhside, was it Battlefield? Just that the sports shoe boxes sounds very familiar  :hi:
Banning reason: White-knight

I see she's moved from the punting wasteland that is Fife, I'm so glad I didn't part with my hard earned, although there's absolutely fuck all worth punting locally. (Fife)

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OP, you've clicked the wrong button and reported the post rather than replying

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Shit, sorry how do i un-report?

Offline jambogaz

Met this girl in Kirkcaldy a while back, similar story but she was up-front about what she provided before I paid her & gave me the opportunity to back out.

I found her quite a nice sort, friendly enough, VERY clean, and reasonably attractive, perhaps a little chunkier than her pics suggest, but not so bad.

Despite her (very) vanilla services, I had a reasonable massage followed by a nice enough covered BJ and into cowgirl for the finish.  Was a pretty average punt but it was late at night and my options were extremely limited, so I was happy enough, although for the price she charges she really should be offering a bit more (kissing, OWO etc)

Certainly no reason not to recommend her if she still gives the opportunity to walk.
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