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Author Topic: Orgasmic beauty anyone?  (Read 456 times)

Offline Gigiddy

The french have landed in Torfaen.
Anyone had had a taste of this gallic girl?
https://www.adultwork.com/1190937 or https://www.adultwork.com/Orgasmic+beauty+babe
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No, but she doesn't allow her (2) ratings to be seen?  Warning sign?

She also says her number on her profile, which it isn't.

She also uses a private email, not the A/W one.

All a bit odd?

Offline Gigiddy

 I know Iver, I  thought I could smell a rat, the selection of  WG's available in the fair city is appauling.
What with all the "new" development in the port one would think the ladies would follow.
Alternatively the council does such a good job of fucking everyone who lives in the  borough the poor WGs can't get a look in.
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Offline HughJardon

That profiles been up for a few weeks now, reverse image search reveals via Tineye



I emailed her with the usual, do you fancy a jump etc etc via AW messages, no response so possibly a PG scammer/ or cammer
Will you ever catch a break G ?

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Offline Gigiddy

I guess the anticipation of the catch is part of the enjoyment. Hugh, meantime my two regulars keep the pipe polished as I wait for WB to change ehr mind and Yaya to return.
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