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Author Topic: Anyone seen sexy sweet sandy recently?  (Read 761 times)

Offline bod666

https://www.adultwork.com/2056585 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Sweet+Sandy

Anyone seen this lass recently? She's in my area at the mo - first time I saw her she was so good I extended my 30 min booking to an hour, second time she was very "meh"

Lots of good aw feedback (which must all be bollocks)

Anyone tried her recently?

Handily posting this showed me a recent review from south east... Doesn't help though...
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8 review(s) found for Sexy Sweet Sandy linked to in above post (4 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Saw her about two months ago (reviewed on here). Pretty enough girl (although not stunning) and taller that i prefer.
Would i recommend? No. I like a bit of interaction. There was none. Spend your hard-earned on some-one else (ie: Busty Pammela in Cheltenham)

Offline bod666

Thanks - I think I'll definitely give her a miss then. When you read Sandys feedback on aw it's like it's about someone else. Definitely doesn't fit the girl I saw :(

Do you have a link for Pamela?

Dunno how to attach a link from an iPad. Sorry. (Maybe you vould advise?) But she is deffo in the top 2 punts i've ever had. The girl is bloody RAMPANT!

Offline bod666

Aha you do a long press on the thing you want to copy (basically keep your finger held down) until an option pops up saying copy - you then need to drag the blue bar to cover all of the link then tap on copy. It is very faffy.

Then when you're on here again long press until the option pops up to paste.

It is a pain in the arse on the iPad.

It is much easier if you get yourself a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad FYI...

Tried doing that in the past Bod, but without success.....i'll try again though next time.

Yep, that's her. Left me absolutely knackered, she did. Loves her tits sucked HARD (which i like A LOT) and even wanted me to pull her hair! Lots of dfk, owo and nookie in loads of different positions. Very chatty too. Basically a very easy girl to get on with......unlike that Sandy.
You could do a lot worse, Bod. I'm thinking of making her the first girl I've revisited (once ive improved my fitness!)

Offline bod666

I've already emailed her to check her availability, she's read but no reply :(

Searching for Pammela I've suddenly come across lots of hotties I didn't know were in nam... I think I'm going to get more familiar with that patch of the m5 ;)

Yep, occasionally a few gems get to that neck of the woods.

Try texting Pam, she usually replies if she's working

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