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Author Topic: Sasha of NNE - NaughtyNorthernEscorts - Darlington  (Read 1613 times)

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Offline Sammee69


Had a great 30 minute booking with Sasha on Saturday morning, though I'd share a quick overview.



Downstairs apartment on a main road. Plenty of traffic but not many pedestrians, felt a lot more discrete than going to a house, which I really don't like doing, especially in broad daylight. Anyway it was raining which was a perfect excuse to wear a hooded top. Dirty old perv. Free parking 1-2 minutes walk away. Flat itself tidy enough, you could hear road noise coming through the window into the front room, but if you were that bothered about noise escaping you could always close the bedroom door I suppose!


Was greeted at the door by a very well turned out Sasha, black dress, cleavage spilling out of the tight bra, very welcoming and friendly, felt like meeting an old friend (first time punt for me).
Sasha's photos are very accurate. Her figure is exactly what I go for - great boobs, nice curves, no stick insect, sufficient padding without venturing too close to BBW territory. Apparently she used to be a size 6 and had even bigger boobs back then - I have no words to describe what she must have looked like, you'll have to use your imagination! Size 6 would probably be too skinny for me anyway, and the boobs... well, she says they're 32G and who am I to argue? Throughout the meet Sasha was ranged from being very friendly and chatty to being a complete slut - and I mean that in a most complimentary way! Read on for an explanation :)

Lusty moments

Glass of water and sorted the usual, then she led me to the bedroom. Partially undressed (me!), we had some exceedingly pleasant snogging while stood up. Yes, she does offer DFK, I didn't need to request it as some have, it just felt really natural and unforced. (That's quite important to me, makes the whole thing feel like a proper GFE rather than just a business transaction.) Sasha has very kissable lips and a wicked tongue! My hands roamed over her curves, confirming just the right amount of padding for my tastes.

OK, the dress had to come off at some point, and she cuts a mean figure stood there in bra and panties. Honestly, her bra must be 2 sizes too small (I did admonish her on that one!), but the effect is great, with her booby flesh just waiting to spill out over the top. Bra didn't last long, it somehow slipped off her shoulders (fancy!), revealing an awesome rack. If you're a boob lover like me you'll not be disappointed. I hate fake boobs, and I love big, weighty tits with a very slight sag to them, think "heavy hangers" rather than big soft pillows. Very slight evidence of stretch marks, again for me a good mark of a decent set of norks, and large, darkish aureolae and pencil eraser nipples. Very responsive to being squeezed, licked, sucked and gently bitten, with Sash offering them up to me at various times throughout our meet, and moaning responsively as I feasted. I could happily have suckled for hours, if she ever gets pregnant and starts offering a lactation service, sign me up!

However, 30 minutes is a very short time, so she soon went down on my cock. Great action and good variety, from licking and flicking with her tongue, to taking the whole lot right down to the hilt. I was able to enjoy a great view of her boobs while she feasting on my cock, but decided to return the favour by going down on her shaved pussy, licking and sucking her clit while finger-fucking her wet pussy. Sasha seemed to respond well to this, her moaning didn't sound fake anyway! Moved on top for some dry humping, I was really up for some good, hard banging with her legs over my shoulders (she's very bendy!) so on with the hat. Little chap didn't seem to take too well to this, so after a few half-hearted attempts decided to opt for plan B, off with the hat and face fucked her for a few minutes to get back up to speed again, me stood by the bed and Sasha sat on it, looking straight into my eyes with a look of total innocence. Asked if I could come in her mouth, she said she wanted it in her mouth, on her face, and dripping down onto her tits. I was more than happy to oblige, wanking myself off all over her. When she looked up, her lips were completely covered, her mouth was full, a string of spunk was hanging off her chin, and there was puddles of it on her tits. Fuck me, I even impressed myself! Few seconds to get my breath back, and she's happily chatting away to me as she cleans my spunk off her tits, with a ring of it round her lips and another slug of spunk hanging off her chin like a stalactite - an image I'll take with me to the grave! Sensational !

Few minutes canoodling and chatting away and it was time to go. All in all, great punt, thoroughly recommended. Sasha is a warm, intelligent sassy girl who obviously loves getting the arse shagged off her. And yes, she does have a slight Alex Kingston thing going on there! Will I be back? I bloody hope so!


thats a pretty top review you have done :thumbsup: nice one
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Seen this lass a few times, has to have the best pair of tits I have seen, and she has a fantastic arse as well, rimmed her for ages  :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

That's the first review I've read that got me hard! Must see this lady.

Offline MDB72

Nice review and good to see Sasha getting good feedback. Has to be one of the best in the north east.

Offline sesalovdarlo

That's the first review I've read that got me hard! Must see this lady.

Try 50 shades of grey! That had me 'pre'-ing


Offline mgc2013

Seen her a few times nice rack, good dfk, and always a good fcuk! Will definitely be back to see her for round 3 before long

I wish she could work in sunderland!

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