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Author Topic: Seleena Sexy / Bristol  (Read 634 times)

1 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 3122404) (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


https://www.adultwork.com/3122404 or https://www.adultwork.com/SELENA+SEXXYY

1hr for £120 (incl Anal and OWO extras).

PROS: Profile quite accurate. Nice apartment. Does ANAL very well.
CONS: Poor English, no DFK, I nearly walked.

I saw her recently as it was a quiet escort day in Bristol. Romanian yes, about 10 positives on AW, and hardly any info about her on here so decided to TOFTT.

Her profile said she did Anal for £30 extra but she had an offer on where one extra was included in the £100 1hr rate. Someone on here said she did Anal OK so thought if I get that I'll be happy enough as she was staying locally. I also paid an extra £20 for the OWO extra.

Booking was easy via text.  Apartment was top quality.

The Girl

Is same as photos in her profile, quite attractive face.  About 5'3", smallish natural boobs, size 8-10 bum, slim waist.  Was wearing a dress with nothing underneath.  English very poor - spoke mostly French with a Romanian accent so very hard to talk to.

The Story

Arrived. She said wait 5 mins.  Went in and started about 10 mins late.

She looked nice enough, offered me a drink and came back with a cold can of coke.  Offered me a shower - seemed to be insulted when I got my own towel out of my bag (which I always do).  I had felt her towels when she went for coke and they were nicely folded but damp  :thumbsdown:

I told her I wanted ANAL as the free extra, plus OWO for an additional £20. She said OK but started talking a lot and I could hardly understand a word.  She said "mother fucker" a few times very clearly which was odd.  I felt she wasn't aiming that at me or I would have walked. She undressed herself with was annoying as I like to do that. Took ages for her to get started and she seemed to want to avoid kissing.  I noticed her front teeth were crooked and in need of a floss so I did didn't push for it.

Finally started OWO with me on my back and her facing me, after baby wiping - despite me just stepping out of the shower!  But after 1 min she turned so she was facing away from me and put a condom in her mouth then on me.  WOOOOH Horsey - £20 for 1 min OWO - I don't think so??  I complained and she started talking French/Romanian gobbledegook. Seemed to be arguing with me so I made it clear I was not amused, then when she realised I was on the edge of walking she seemed to switch to apology.  She was trying to say she didn't realise I had chosen the OWO option or some bollocks. I couldn't understand her. She then went back to OWO and I was able to slip a finger in her pussy and another in her bum so things were looking up.

She then put on a condom and immediately went cowgirl anal - which was nice as normally they go pussy first.  She then annoyed me by trying to do something with my legs whilst talking Frangloromanian.  Seems she was trying to swivel into reverse cowgirl without removing my cock from her bum.  She got there in the end and we did more anal there, then she swivelled back to cowgirl.  We then did anal in mish which was excellent as I could really fuck her now.  She seemed to like it and played with herself.  We then did anal in doggy and she got in a great position with arse hanging over the end of the bed and me standing.  I got 2 fingers into her vagina and fucked her DP until I came in her arse. 

I noticed it was only 30 mins so I decided to go for a second pop.  We did pussy sex then ended with her wanking me onto my stomach which I fingered her arse.  I was happy with that - couldnt be arsed to asked for CIM or Facial as it would have required more discussion and probably more money.

She is good at anal - which is what I was looking for - hence the Neutral instead of a Negative. I also popped twice which is rare so she gets credit for that.  A lot of the "issues" could have just be down to the language barrier.

If you like ANAL she is worth considering.  Otherwise forget it.

Cheers!  :drinks:

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline GBush

One man's poison and all that. Thanks for the review.

She sounds fantastic and looks to have a good body.

I'm not into DFK, FK, K, or even k

I would book her for two pops anal and give her a pounding. I'm in Bristol this week but I'm expecting to left exhausted with what I have arranged. Review to follow.
Banning reason: Previously banned (The Real Midas Touch)

Offline jawill

Her body in the pictures looks amazing. Is it really that good?

Offline GBush

Her body in the pictures looks amazing. Is it really that good?

+ 1
Banning reason: Previously banned (The Real Midas Touch)


Her body in the pictures looks amazing. Is it really that good?
Yeah those photos are of her.  Slightly pear shaped figure - bum a little too big and tits a little too small to be perfect but close! Also her hair is 5 colours now - mostly purple.

Cheers!  :drinks:

Cheers for review Talley, not one for me, had to relearn french last year for work but don't fancy punting in French.

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