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Author Topic: TS in all male jail - Banter  (Read 523 times)

Offline thatguy

So I was reading the paper online and came across this! then I thought Hang on I'm sure I know that face somewhere.

Bit of Google and hey presto! He's an escort in Bath !!!



Banning reason: Making a post about leaving, then sending petulant message to Admin asking to be banned

I would imagine its causing all sorts of problems.

More fights between the prisoners as why bend one up your hairy cell mate when at least this one has tits rather than moobs

I expect the Kanga's wlll be fucking it as well

Should have spent more time changing his status and less time breaking the law.

Offline Happyjose

Should have spent more time changing his status and less time breaking the law.

Yeah, particularly: Q: I've tried calling you a few times with no response........

Offline Andyply

Still will always be a guy in my opinion no matter what gross surgery he partakes in.  Less sympathy and more concern about his criminal act.  This country is a push over and treats its offenders better than its hardworking citizens.  Makes me sick people referring to him as a her, some reviews on HH make me  :vomit:

Offline Andyply


Must be the most popular inmate in a all woman's prison.  Does his cell mate mind? Love to see the communal shower scene, spot the odd one out.   :scare: Is he posting video content on his AW profile page still?  :sarcastic:  when he's out you can request a prison buggering role play scenario.

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