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Author Topic: Vandals  (Read 662 times)

Offline Steptoe

I sort of look after my local parlour - been going for so many years that they accept me as being part of the place.  Last night getting on for midnight some bloody vandals smashed the window to an outside door at the back of the place and tried to kick in the bottom panels of that door and another. They failed because they are good hardwood doors but hard to tell that because they have been painted. All are heavily bolted. Still, glass from the window all over the jacuzzi room floor and 3 frightened ladies. Fixing the doors was easy and I did my best to increase the Brownie Points by consoling the ladies. 

About 4-6 weeks ago at 4am vandals smashed in the first (of the two) front doors.

May be random vandalism but there has been no trouble for the previous 12 years to maybe, just maybe, there is a local problem.


I expect they might have been trying to rob the place. or maybe the actions of sergi trying to cut down on the competition.

Anyway Step are you like the male maid, security or pimp ? or all three

Offline Steely Dan


I am sure your motives are pure.  But equally, one hopes that brownie points mean prizes!

Sorry to hear that Step. Hope you got it all sorted and it is just random and not targeted. Must have been pretty frightening for the girls  :(

Offline Steptoe

I can assure you that I am neither male maid, security or pimp! Guys, I am 73! 
I confess to being a DIY freak and over the years of using the place I have acquired the habit of doing odd jobs around the place - mending leaky showers, fixing the lights, bit of tiling and decorating, pressure washing the yard and I even take them to the supermarket on occasions.  Simply, the sorts of things you may do for any friend. They trust me and I trust them. They trust me to the extent I have a door key - for emergency use if necessary. Never used it yet.

Hank, yes the girls were very frightened as you would expect. They were fortunate that Mr Plod responded quite quickly. I am not aware of any other "establishment" in the area (very suburban really) although there are a few Indies.  The surrounding streets are well known to Mr Plod for drug dealing (there have been a few raids over the years) so maybe it was just a couple of locals trying it on.  Whatever, the place now has more locks and door bolts than the average jail.  Bars for the downstairs windows may be next - but my welding skills are crap


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