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Author Topic: SweetGlamourTiffany  (Read 599 times)

Hi, has anyone seen the above? Well reviewed on AW, but wanting to check on here too... Private gallery looks promising


4 review(s) found for Sweetest_Tiffany_xx linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Looks good but all the extras just piss me off. I suppose it gives people more options but I find it annoying. Owo should not be an extra.

Pictures do look very good though.

She's got 4 reviews here linked above.  She's on my hot list but think the reviews here were a bit mixed

Offline MintRoyale

I saw her a bit after she started back in the day.

I dunno how relevant my review would be as she appears to be massively more experienced than when I saw her. A short summary before I find the time to do a proper review.

She's pretty, and apparently was a semi pro swimmer while growing up, hence her pretty decent toned physique. Kinda clear skin and decent body. Ow, RO and sex in couple of positions. Got ridiculously wet during fucking too. English was alright, bit shy but now appears more extrovert judging from her pics. Wouldn't mind a repeat visit I guess.

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