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Author Topic: Newbie reviews  (Read 447 times)

Offline Zbd1974

Newbie saying hello after lurking for a good while.

Thought I'd post a few mini-reviews as is the way.
Not punted for a while right enough although some of the WG's I've seen are still working.

Seen the usual suspects
Savannah was good for a first timer and A-levels were a bonus,
Lovely Destiny - bit mechanical but alright , Jasmine4HotFun (poss best bj) didn't get as far as shagging her
Zara Williams. Nice fake tits and dirty as l, cracking bj too
Chelsea Brook tours with Zara and definitely left with a smile on my face. Oral was cracking, umpteen positions, and finished off with oral Cummings all over her tits. Would definitely see again.
Your Tempted (Paisley) again pretty decent although don't think she's advertising now. Good oral technique and pretty good vfm.
Scottishboobststtoos as she's now called. Decent punt & would see again. Good oral and she made me cum all over her tits. Good vfm too.

Like I say been a while since I punted and generally stick to Scottish/British WG's after a horrendous experience a while back with some Romanian who I don't think I've ever seen advertising again. Concierge at apartments was well sussed to what was going on and felt well dodgy.

Probably keen for a punt in the not too distant future
Thinking poss Nice & Naughty Eva or Sexy Tiffany.
Any other recommendations welcome though


Brave man!

I've been to see 2 WGs across Scotland which did not end up being the same girls in the pics. Very Shan.

Didn't walk past the door.

Classic excuses of "oh that girls left but come on on" - no ta hen!

Hey..... Would be great to put links for these girls ......... You got an AW link for Scottishboobststtoos .

Hey..... Would be great to put links for these girls ......... You got an AW link for Scottishboobststtoos .

to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3163467 or https://www.adultwork.com/SCOTTISHBOOBSTATTOOS

Found it....

Offline Zbd1974

Sorry was on my mobile and copying/pasting is a pain in the arse.

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