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Author Topic: "real" housewife type punt?  (Read 1589 times)

Offline egghead

Anyone got any recommendations for "genuine" housewife/girl next door punts - as in someone who is just doing this for a bit of pin money (despite what they say). No special services required, just having a current thing for some unjaded, friendly type.

Offline Riprock

Might be tough to verify their housewife credentials as WG's constantly BS

Offline egghead

Ha yeah, even somone who fits the model but is a BS would be okay!

Offline wazzer

Well if all you want is one who says she's a housewife then a quick AW search will chuck up about sixty of them.
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Offline wazzer

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Offline Deviant

I am up for that. Floosie looks fantastic. I will even post a review
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Offline SamLP

This one might fit the bill https://www.adultwork.com/164329  :yahoo:

I don't quite think the OP meant the girl next door in the retirement home.
If she was closer I wouldn't mind taking the gilf experience.

Egghead, not sure you will find exactly what you want without area etc. Either a reverse booking and request shepherds pie and shirt ironing for the or try a couple for the wife side. On the girl next door try a search for English Rose etc. Otherwise it's search AW, checks the pics and profile and hope you strike gold or at least silver. Good luck with your search  :thumbsup:

Floosie offers a good service I've been told by one or two other guys. Haven't seen her myself but I pass that on for what it's worth.

Offline egghead

I'm sure i've read elsewhere that Floosie offers bb so one to avoid for me.

Haven't heard that but if that's so then you're right. Anyone first hand experience?

If your still looking for a HF have a look at this lady.

https://www.adultwork.com/2706327 or https://www.adultwork.com/MissCh13f

She's not actually married anymore. AW is a side line of hers for some extra cash, or so she told me when she responded to a RB i had put out. 

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