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 https://www.adultwork.com/1944805 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexybritsarah

Paid a visit to this lovely lady a few weeks back. It was a short notice booking which wasn't an issue with Sarah. 30mins, £80.

Comms was easy, all done by text with a phone call when I arrived.

I apologise but I can't remember the street name but I do remember parking being a pain in the arse if you don't have any change (take 80p with you).

I was running late but Sarah was very understanding, when I eventually arrived at her door she welcomed me in with a smile. Sarah is a very petite lady, size 6/8, her face is quite plain however. Not ugly but no stunner either. She was great to talk to and made me feel right at home. Her apartment was clean and tidy, although later I discovered the bed was a bit squeaky!

 We had a little chat and sorted out the usual paperwork and showers. Then it was on to some kissing (No FK) and then on to some very good OWO. She definitely knows her way around a cock. I then asked her to strip for me, which she did with her back to me (I'll explain later on). We moved on to 69, her pussy was pleasant, no nasty odors or tastes, certainly no complaints from me. I then asked her to rubber me up and climb on, which she did but reverse cowgirl. Even though I didn't request this I really didn't mind and she was damn good at it. She's definitely got some good stamina. I then asked for doggie style as I wanted a better view of her bubble butt, which she didn't disappoint. You could bounce a coin off her ass and it would hit the ceiling. She's also very good at making the right noises with lots of 'fuck me harder' groans. I finished with CIM and had another quick chat before I left - she really is a lovely lady.

One thing to note, she has stretch marks on her tummy. This did not bother me as her body is fit as fuck, however she's obviously very self conscious about it. Hence the stripping with her back to me and reverse cowgirl and generally trying to hide it. Her behaviour towards it was worse than the stretch marks themselves. Next time I book her I will address this early on to let her know I'm not bothered by it.

Overall a really good punt with a lovely lady, good oral, great body, and a really good shag. Anyone that is looking to book their first punt should consider using Sarah, she would make your nerves disappear instantly.

10 review(s) found for sexybritsarah linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline azrael

Glad you had a good time, i agree i think she is concious about her looks not in the sense, the stretch marks but rather her being the girl next door and not a "stunner" so to speak. And i guess she plays up on what alot of people would say is her best feature, and thats her ass. Hence the reverse strip and reverse cow girl  :unknown:  :drinks:

She was my third ever punt. She was great started with some OWO, then some 69, moved into doggy and as I had been giving her a good rimming she guessed I must want anal and put me straight into her arse, first time any woman has done that with me. I have been trying to see her since but always keep missing the weeks she is working  :dash:

Sarah was one of my first punts too and I'm glad she's back and still giving a good service as I'd like to see her again. It's her legs that were my favourite physical feature of hers but she was also very very friendly, put my nerves at ease straight away.

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