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Author Topic: Any opinions on these two?  (Read 445 times)

Hey guys

Does anyone have any experience of this girl?


She's picked up a few positives. First spotted her with what seems to be her friend, from their looks possibly relative, both in the same spot near Bordesley Green.


Recently they seem to swap back and forth between Brum and Stoke.

Any ideas?

I haven’t punted with them but……..

First one  Melissa SexyLover  has that look of either being cold & mechanical  :thumbsdown:

Or a complete filthy slut that will leave you breathless and completely drained  :yahoo:

I’m quite tempted I like her look, I just might indulge, must check my punting account  :P

Second one Sexy_Giovanna don’t know why but seems like she could be a good fun punt  :unknown:

Only one way to find out, unless a few members have met them & share their opinions to give a heads up  :)

Hmm it's the filthy, sultry look that appeals to me. Some of her fb appears genuine.

It won't be after next week but if they haven't swapped locations again I'll have a serious think about TOFTT with Melissa.
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