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Author Topic: These really good looking girls...  (Read 809 times)

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Offline bod666

Not seen any of them but the first two look to be webcam girls trying to up the number of guys that cam with them by pretending to offer meets. All the aw reviews are for webcamming there is nothing on the escorting side (other than no reply to booking). They do look hot British girls though.

Emma is Romanian and pog's review seems to tell it like it is. Sounds like a better than normal service for a rom (still not great).

& the last is vivastreet so about as reliable as a cowboy builder.

Feel free to TOFTT but be prepared for a bad time / disappointment!

Offline Chuckman

I see Sergei couldn't be bothered to change the profile text of the first two much and Sarah didn't respond to a booking request so I'd say they're camgirls rather than escorts.

Emma is Romanian so avoid and anything from Vivastreet is in the lap of the gods so don't waste your money.

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