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Author Topic: Hotel Receptionist Recognises me  (Read 634 times)

Couple of weeks ago I arranged a meet with a WG I have seen over the years, both of us cannot do incalls so agreed a price reduction and I booked a cheap Travel lodge about 20 miles from home and a similar distance from hers but the other way. Saturday afternoon at 3 pm I arrive, it's one of those sad Motorway ones but ideal as I wasn't staying the night, just a couple of hours, but obviously booked the night.

Waited at reception and the manager arrives......."Oh hello #####, fancy seeing you here, how's the family blah blah blah". I thought "Fuck" how do I get out of this one? I knew her through the school playground when the kids were young.............."How's your lovely wife ?" (you get the picture).

I said I was on a stag do in the local town close to the Motorway...........have fun she says and off I go to the room. Half an hour later WG arrives in the car park and texts for room number......I check out side the door and there's the manager helping in the corridor with the cleaners, just helping them out she says, busy period coming up with the change over. At this point do I tell the WG it's off because someone has recognised me? I ask her when her shift is finishing, half an hour she says............thank fuck for that, delay the girl and the meet goes ahead..............God we take risks for our thrills.           


This is a definite advantage of punting near London - all the hotel staff are EE here so they are more likely to recognise the girl than me! 

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