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Author Topic: My First Soho Walk-Up - One Bateman Street  (Read 1748 times)

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A couple of weeks ago I was feeling a bit stressed out after work, and I got a brainwave to try my hand at a Soho Walk-up for the first time.

After some quick browsing on the Puntingwiki on the do and don'ts of using walk ups and some false starts, I get to an available girl at 1 Bateman Street. After brassing off the maid when I accidentally walked past her door after knocking, I get with an Italian girl named Ruby (I think that was her name, it was a really forgettable punt). After paperwork we get to sex which wasn't great. She was really fussy about where I put my hands and body and I failed to cum in the time I paid for.

I put the punt as a negative, but really a lot of the things that made it negative were down to me. If I wasn't such Walk-up newbie that I got off on the wrong foot, I would have been far more relaxed in going through with it. The girl's fussiness did make matters worse though and I was just wanting to get out by the end.

The experience was useful for two things though. I did realise that the 'hour of her time' method of punting that you get through AW and elsewhere suits me far better than an upstairs quickie which put too much pressure on me to perform. I also realise that I need to think things through a bit more before I decide to go there again on the spur of the moment.

So on the whole, a negative first time in Soho, but at least I know what to expect if I do try again.

sorry to hear that op, I am not familiar with this girl, for a first time you should have gone to one of the more reliable walk ups with a better reviewed girl  :hi:

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Soho really is just good for a pump & dump...I've not been able to cum within the quickie 10 min service on about half my visits...sometimes it's been my fault not having enough in the tank, but some girls are better at coaxing it out of you...the fussy restrictive ones aren't...if she'll let you go both barrels with a touch of affection it can be a nice release.

sorry to hear that op, I am not familiar with this girl, for a first time you should have gone to one of the more reliable walk ups with a better reviewed girl  :hi:

Have to agree with C&B. 1 Bateman Street isn't one of my favorites. On the same corner is 52 Greek Street (basement walkdown) where most of the shifts are taken by Mary (very good) or Zara (excellent). That would have been a better bet.

Yeah, I did try knocking on the better reviewed flats first, but they were busy. I was also too nervous to go near ones that had lots of people near the entrance (next to pubs for example). Getting over that will be necessary if I am going there again.

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Going after work is never good. Way too many people milling around on the pavements outside the pubs in the area. Even I avoid certain walkups during the peek drinking times. The Bateman street walkup can often have dozens and dozens of people watching from the pub next door and place opposite. Romily Street is also bad with pubs at either end but for some reason the people seem to have other things/distractions there.
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Would agree Romiley I would only approach at lunch time  (I would never punt in soho late in the evening ), going after work would be suicidal as in the summer the road is often full of office workers having a beer

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How much did you pay? I've never been to Soho but this doesn't sound too encouraging.

How much did you pay? I've never been to Soho but this doesn't sound too encouraging.

£30 plus maid's tip (£3). As others have said upthread, there are other better options around in Soho, it is just knowing where to look, so don't base the area purely on this review.
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Just check the main Soho thread which has quite a lot of useful intelligence. Also links on that thread to wikis and blogs with walkup rotas. These are never completely up-to-date in that some walkups have a fairly high turner over of women, but they offer good guides to what's on offer. Soho is what it is. Don't expect OWO, anal or kissing to be on offer (unless you're very lucky). Having said that, you can enjoy some cheap-as-chips rumpy-pumpy with some great girls (if you know where to find them and the Soho thread is your friend in this respect) without all the headaches of having to book. Think of it as being like stopping in town to have a coffee and a patisserie at lunch time or to break up a shopping trip and you won't go too far wrong.

£30 plus maid's tip (£3).

Just to add that the standard for a maid's tip in Soho is £2. No need to pay more. I've been asked for £4 in the past but have always stuck with £2 as is normal.

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I saw Ruby a few days ago. A really bad experience. Avoid.

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