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Author Topic: xxhot amyxx while in Aberdeen  (Read 729 times)

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I met Amy back in 2013, in Aberdeen. She paid a visit to my flat for a couple of hours. It turned out that she had lived in my home country for a bit and it was a very pleasant surprise having a conversation with her in a language which is rarely spoken by foreigners. As soon as the paperwork was done, she went to the bathroom and re-emerged in a seriously sexy set of underwear, asking me to follow her to bed.
There, she gave me a pretty decent massage where I asked her to (I had a long run the day before and needed it), after which she started playing with my cock and giving me a very sloppy owo which quickly had me on the verge of cumming (she politely requested that I don't come in her mouth, but said I can come anywhere else on her).
Her body is amazing, not thin, not fat, not too toned but toned enough. Actually, just perfect and perhaps the hottest body I've had the chance to explore :-) If you are an arse man, bingo. If you are a tits man, BINGO!
I then gave her ro which she really enjoyed and then we had an intense session which she seemed to really enjoy. Her stamina is pretty good!
I don't come easily at all, so the 2h were spent alternating between shagging, 69 and a lot of cuddling, before an epic shot on her epic tits.
I will definitely see her again when she's around my nic of the woods :-)

Appearance: 9/10 (the wig...)
Action: I would happily give her 10/10

6 review(s) found for xxhot amyxx linked to in above post (5 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

A 2 year old review?  Seriously? What use is that to anyone? You must have a great memory.
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