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Author Topic: Songs about punting  (Read 1172 times)

Offline sam55

I was in the kitchen this morning with the Mrs, singing out the words to Simon & Garfunkel's The Boxer and then, too late!!

"just a come on from the whores on 7th Avenue, I do declare there were times when I was so lonesome I took some comfort there"

My voice didn't waver, I was quite proud of myself!

Can't think of many other references to punting though.

I suppose Tina Turner, Private Dancer is close.

Any contributions?

Online daviemac

Just off the top of my head

Kinks 'Lola'

Stones 'Honky Tonk Woman'

I'm sure there's loads more.

Offline 385North

Possibly the most obvious one ...

Roxanne by the Police.

Offline itk

Dire Straits - Your Latest Trick

All the late night bargains have been struck
Between the satin beans and their bells
Prehistoric garbage trucks
Got the city to themselves
Echoes and the roars dinosaurs
They're all doing the monster mash
And most of the taxis and the whores
Are only taking calls for cash

I think Mark Knofler wrote Private Dancer as well
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Offline ik8133

Rod Stewart's "Maggie May" was I think, a prostitute. 

Offline smiths

Charlotte The Harlot-Iron Maiden.

Call Me-Blondie.

Offline doktor rokk

Marillion's "Brief Encounter" from "Misplaced Childhood" (way back in '85)

The sky was Bible black in Lyon
When I met the Magdalene
She was paralyzed in a streetlight
She refused to give her name

And a ring of violet bruises
They were pinned upon her arm
Two hundred francs for sanctuary
And she led me by the hand

To a room of dancing shadows
Where all the heartache disappears
And from glowing tongues of candles
I heard her whisper in my ear

"'J'entend ton coeur"

"'J'entend ton coeur"
I can hear your heart
I can hear your heart
I can hear your heart
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (doktor rokk, Evil Wheatley)

Offline smiths


Bad Girls-Donna Summer.

Offline btb62

Some good songs.

How about this one, 'Simple Twist of Fate', Bob Dylan. Another complex comparison, juxtaposition of the prossy and the punter. I always think its about going with a street girl, all the right clues in the lyrics.


Offline Moresomes

Showing my age now, but how about, "Son of Hickory Hollers tramp", and the old Cole Porter favourite, "Love for sale."

Offline vp40aa

Not strictly about Punting but alas I've been failing miserably in my attempts to cut back (saw the Goddess that is Hayley x-x for round 2 today) so I'm going with Oops I Did It Again! (or possibly 2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad, given the one before Hayley round 1 was not so good.....)


Offline Owwhatanight

The Beatles Norwegian Wood or as it was originally called Knowing she would .

Offline _Bender_

Queens of the Stone Age "Regular John"


Offline Owwhatanight

53rd & 3D
The Ramones

I dream a dream
Les Miserables

You don't have to be a Prostitute
The Flight of the Conchords
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Offline Kerosene

Cosmic Slop by Funkadelic.

I'm sure Prince has got one in there too but I can't immediately think of it.

probably none of you will have heard this track (or even this artist) - they are called Beirut and the track is 'My night with the Prostitute from Marseilles' and it's sumptuous and I urge you to take 3 minutes and 9 seconds out of your life to listen to it.


Offline Owwhatanight


  Whore with no name  :D

and this awesome track from Bowie from last year - 'tis a pity she was a whore' - based on an obscure Jacobean tragedy.

again, take 5 minutes to listen to it. You won't regret it.


Offline _Bender_

Oh... Another one... Diamond D "Sally Got a One Track Mind"

Offline _Bender_

Cosmic Slop by Funkadelic.

I'm sure Prince has got one in there too but I can't immediately think of it.

Darling Nikki??

Classic one, The Police "Roxanne" ...... You don't have to put on a red light!!  :D

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